Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Making 10!

We are having a blast working on addition and subtraction and our favourite game lately has been a new card game called Make 10!

Mrs. Beliveau modified the rules from the original game posted here

Today a game board was sent home with each student, but more can be printed here. Have a deck of cards? Then you can play at home!

Take out the face cards. This game uses Ace through 10. We treat the Ace as a 1. 

Using the game board, put out four cards on the spaces 1, 2, 3, and 4. Turn the rest of the deck over on the space marked "deck". 

Here is the challenge! Can you make ten using up to 4 cards?

Look, these kids made 10 with all four cards! They set the group of 10 aside, and put out more cards from the deck. 

Replenish the empty spaces with cards from the deck. 

There are lots of ways they made 10!

Can't make 10?

Choose one card to put back on the bottom of the deck, and take the top card. 

The kids have played several times and should be able to explain the rules and play independently at home. Happy counting!

Thursday, 14 March 2019

It's Ok to be Different!

This week we were inspired by Todd Parr's creative illustrations and messages of acceptance and inclusivity! His books rock!

After a week of painting and creativity, our It's Ok To Be Different projects are complete!

For this painting project, we were asked to use one warm colour and one cool colour. We began by painting our background and an outline of our face. 

After some clean up and a little drying time, we assembled our work and carefully added black details!

Check out our creative, "Todd Parr-inspired" portraits! 

We also seized the opportunity to celebrate our uniqueness and wrote a class book! 

(1) I am different because I have freckles.
(2) I am a good athlete.
(3) I am good at loving.
(4) I can make pancakes. 

Our art and writing will be on display for the next week, so please come and celebrate how we are truly God's masterpieces!

P.S. If you are looking for a new cardio program, consider painting with 6 year olds. 

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Ash Wednesday: Lent Has Begun

In the center of our classroom stands a special table. It is our prayer table. As the liturgical year changes, the table changes. 

This was our prayer table last week:

This is our prayer table now:

Why the change? Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season. Lent is a time when we look at ourselves and try and see what can change and improve so that we can be more like Jesus. We take more time to pray, to ask forgiveness of our sins, and to share with others. For forty days we prepare for the new life of Easter. 

Our Lenten wreath is brown and bare, symbolizing the desert where Jesus prayed for 40 days and also the crown of thorns. Can your child explain the symbols pictured on our wreath (purple ribbon, burlap cloth with a cross)? As we journey through Lent, we will add more symbols to help us better understand this liturgical season. 

Today we participated in Ash Wednesday mass, along with several other schools, at OLPH Church with Father Sathia. We all received ashed on our foreheads to remind us that we are sinners.

This week we were introduced to our school-wide Lenten initiative, gathering healthy breakfast cereal to fill hungry tummies at a local elementary school in Edmonton. Our students can understand the discomfort that comes with being hungry and hopefully are able to connect to this simple way of sharing with others. Please be generous.

Lent is a time of change; a change of mind and heart. May the 40 days of Lent help us prepare for the joy of Easter. 

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Shrove Tuesday: Feasting & Fun

Today is Shrove Tuesday. It is the last day before Lent. It is a day of feasting and fun!

Boy, did we feast today! Our energetic and generous Parent Council served a hot, delicious pancake & sausage lunch for everyone in the school. Can you tell we loved it?

Sometimes Shrove Tuesday is called Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. On this day, people would traditionally use up the rich foods in their fridge that was often not allowed to be eaten during Lent, such as milk, eggs and butter. Add a little flour, and you have pancakes!

Thank you, Parent Council, for serving such a delicious pancake lunch!

Full bellies & sticky hands!

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. It marks the first day of Lent. We will gather as a school community at OLPH Church for mass at 12:30 pm. We will all receive ashes on our foreheads. If your schedule allows, please consider joining us! 

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Making Our Mark!

We love, love, LOVE reading books, and this week a brand new Peter Reynolds book was released, Say Something! Mr. Reynolds is an inspiring children's author and illustrator who creates stories with an important message. 

You'll never believe it, but over the weekend while our librarian Mrs. Nixon was visiting his Blue Bunny bookstore in Massachusetts, Peter himself bumped into Mrs. Nixon! Look what we have here at Jean Vanier now! Eeeeeek!

Excited by this special new book, Mrs. Beliveau declared our very own "Peter Reynolds day"! Here are a few favourites from our library that we are enjoying:

One of Mr. Reynolds' classic stories is called The Dot! The Dot encourages children to embrace their own creativity and take a risk. 

Feeling inspired, the children set to work making their mark! Using dots and paper strips, plus heaps of creativity, we made spectacular 3D art!

Such colourful, joyful dots!

Keep making your mark, kids! You are ALL God's masterpiece!

Friday, 22 February 2019

Hooray, Hooray, 100th Day!

It's time to party!
We're 100 day smarties!

100 days of school is a big deal in Grade 1. Huge! EPIC

A significant part of our Math curriculum focuses on working with numbers to 100, so celebrating 100 is an opportunity to tie in several Math activities, as well as many Language Arts tasks and even the perfect Religion lesson.

So, we began preparing for the 100th day ... on day 97?!?!?! Yup, its possible Mrs. Beliveau planned 100+ activities for our celebration, and we needed to get a jump start on the fun and learning!

Here is a look at day 97, 98, 99, and of course, day 100!!!

We worked over several days to write 100 words! Be proud of that amazing list, kiddos!

We made fabulous runway-worthy party hats! There were 10 strips of paper, and we counted 10 polka dots on each. Boom, 100 dots!

The boys and girls practiced and read a 100 word poem to several classes and even in the office, too!

We brought in collections of one hundred items. Isn't it funny how different 100 items can look? Some baggies look so empty, while others look so full.

Mr. Marshall showed up in our room with a delivery! He had a box. A very, very LOCKED box. And a few clues. Our Grade 1 Breakout Box challenge was about to begin! The goal? Break into the box!

A Breakout Box is similar to a breakout room, but students use curricular skills to break into a box instead of breaking out of a room! Using teamwork and our knowledge of the 100-chart, we were able to open a number lock, word lock, and directional lock to open the box! Ask your child what was inside!

We got crafty and made a portrait of ourselves ... when we are 100! These are definitely the classiest geezers around JV!

Counting by 5's is tricky, so we traced our hands and made a helpful bulletin board to help us practice.

Counting by 10's, we assembled trail mix. 10 of each snack item made 100 tasty treats!

To bring our special day to a close, we settled ourselves and heard the story from the bible about the lost sheep. We looked at 100 cotton balls, thinking of them as 100 little sheep, and wondered Would God worry if one little sheep went missing? Wouldn't having 99 sheep be enough? No! If we stray from God, He worries and looks for us. He always welcomes the lost little sheep back. 

Happy 100 Day, boys and girls! Be proud of your hard work!

Party hat labels from Cara Carroll at First Grade Parade. Hats adapted from Jessica Williamson. Door decor inspired by Sara Ann Culbertson. Snack placemat from Kerry100 year portraits inspired by Deanna Jump. Hundred word list from Kinder Craze Blog. Number chart search adapted from Just Add Clipart. What fun ideas! 

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Adoration: Praying with Jesus

This week we are blessed to experience a very powerful form of prayer called AdorationAdoration is an ancient form of prayer. The root of the word is "adore". Essentially, Adoration is an opportunity for us to show our deep love for Jesus. 

What sets Adoration apart from other forms of prayer is that Jesus is present with us in a consecrated host. We are able to pray with Jesus before us, who is truly present in the Eucharist. 

Before entering into Adoration, we familiarized ourselves with the prayer format our adoration will follow using a little personal journal. We reflected upon and drew our personal thoughts for the Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication prayers. 

On Tuesday, we celebrated a beautiful school mass with Father Jim. He reminded us to love God and to always love one another. 

After mass, we placed a consecrated host, the Body of Christ, inside a beautiful gold Monstrance, and placed it in the chapel. Jesus is truly present!

Classes spent some time in prayer this week. As we entered Jesus' presence in the chapel, we showed our deep respect by genuflecting, bowing low on one knee. Then we moved through a series of prayers; Adoration prayer, Confession prayer ("I'm sorry for ... Please forgive me"), Thanksgiving Prayer, and a Supplication prayer (our prayers for others). Quiet time in prayer and reflection was embraced by our students. 

This was a beautiful week and this experience drew us closer to one another and closer to Jesus. 

Adoration Booklet from Look To Him and Be Radiant