Friday, 22 June 2018

Building With Fairy Tales

We had a blast this week! Inspired by fairy tales, we tackled several building challenges in Science!

We are exploring the following learning outcomes:

  • I can choose appropriate building materials
  • I can describe the job of each part of an object I made
  • When I look at 2 things, I can describe what is the same and what is different

3 Little Pigs: House

First up, the 3 Little Pigs! We read the fairy tale and then reviewed the parts of a story. 

Then, just like the pigs, we built with "straw" (paper shreds), ...

"sticks" (wood blocks), ...

... and "bricks" (Lego)!

We learned so much about choosing the best materials for the job!

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears: Chair

Next up, we enjoyed Goldilocks and the 3 Bears!

Our challenge was to create a chair for baby bear! The criteria? The chair must have 4 legs and a bear figurine must fit in it. 


3 Billy Goats Gruff: Bridge

We enjoyed the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff, especially that nasty troll!

Then came our building challenge: build a bridge that can hold a billy goat! As I pulled out plasticine and popsicle sticks, one student raised his hand and asked, "Mrs. Beliveau, do you think we could build our bridges out of Lego instead, because Lego is sturdier!". Great reasoning! So ... change of plans! 

In partners, we built Lego bridges that could hold a goat!

Then we used our mini-puppets to retell the story!

Next week we will be building a boat for Captain Hook and a toy with moving parts, like Pinocchio!

Fairy Tale STEM Activities for Primary Grades from Dancing Into First

Monday, 11 June 2018

We Are Readers!

Bus shenanigans
The boys and girls were so excited to jump on a bus and head to the Strathcona County Library for a very special tour, and we learned a lot! 

When we arrived, Pascale showed us many of the items that can be borrowed from the library. We can borrow read-along kits (book/CD), CDs, DVDs, beginning readers, picture books, really fun PlayAway kits (an MP3 player with stories to listen to), and so much more

We took a tour to see what we can do in the library! We went through the children's section, the Discovery section, the computer area, past the Information Desk, and back to the program room! 

Back in our program room, we got a super secret sneak peek at the Summer Reading Game "Welcome to Meliora" and that the library offers! You can play every day once school finishes. Can your child tell you how to earn a free, brand new book? 

Have a peek in the Grade 1 reading kit your child received today. It is specifically tailored for our readers entering Grade 2 in the fall! Can your child tell you how we can get our names on the rocket ship board?

Ask your child how to get our names
posted on the board!

Be sure to check the Summer Program Guide for many FREE programs offered this summer for kids and families, including the Lego Night that got us all excited!

The library makes reading and learning so much fun, and is an excellent way to spend your summer! Please encourage your child to continue reading daily throughout the summer, as this will make the transition to Grade 2 tremendously smoother. 

It was an awesome trip and we are so excited that we have become readers!

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Awesome Animals

Back in January, Zoo school really thrilled our students, so we decided to learn a little more about animals!

This week, the children were challenged to learn more about an an animal of their choosing! They drew and labelled a detailed diagram of their animal and wrote three facts with accompanying illustrations. We used the San Diego Zoo Kids website to help us with our research.

This was not an easy project, but we rose to the challenge! Students navigated challenging text, gathered information, wrote complete sentences, and illustrated with detail. Wowzers!

We can't wait to share our reports with the students in Kindergarten tomorrow!

Watch for your child's report, along with a mini-rubric sharing his or her progress. Happy reading!

Thursday, 31 May 2018

It's Raining Fun!

Rain, rain, 
Won't go away, 
So we'll stay in, 
And paint today!

The grey, stormy weather didn't dampen our creative spirits today! Inspired by the rain, we created beautiful splatter painted umbrella portraits!

Look at our beautiful little pieces of art! TOTALLY worth the mess!

Stay dry and cozy!  

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Ducklings & Butterflies



And so our week began, with a classroom full of little "Agneses", thrilled to meet our fluffy little ducklings! (thankfully minus the extra tight "Agnes squeeze"). 

We are participating in a duckling-raising program through Glenwood Memorial Gardens! We're in charge of naming and caring for our ducklings for 2 weeks. It has been lovely meeting and snuggling with our new little miracles. 

We even gave them a little swim this afternoon!


We've all read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle, but have you ever really examined the illustrations? Mr. Carle has a unique method for making designed, textured paper and then cutting it into the pieces for his pictures. 

We followed Mr. Carle's paper-making technique to make butterflies! First we painted our paper. We added drips and drops in every colour!

Once our paper had dried, we used tracers to cut out the shapes to make a butterfly.  A little glue, and ta da! Colourful, Carle-inspired butterflies!

Friday, 4 May 2018

Tree Huggers!

Arbor Day was terrific! Our morning was bright and busy! 

We learned about the importance of fire safety. We were very, very strongly cautioned that fires are incredibly dangerous and are never, ever to be played with. We were, however, surprised to learn that forest fires are a natural part of the forest ecosystem and can play a role in maintaining a healthy forest. 

Trees have birthdays too! We learned to count the rings on a tree "cookie" and learned how drought and the seasons affect the rings. Trees need TLC! 

Today we met some very brave and bendy arborists who were caring for trees! As we nibbled a cookie, we watched in awe as they trimmed branches high in the tree. 

Our hearts were pumping at the "Nature-cise" obstacle course:

We planted our very own seedling in biodegradable cups, so that the cup can be planted along with the tree. Remember to give your seedling lots of sun, water, nutrients, and of course, LOVE! Trees will come home next week.

Our saplings are white spruce,
pictured fully grown top right.

We headed towards a treed area to hear a story and build "fairy houses" with dead material (e.g. sticks on the ground, fallen pine cones). The students loved this activity!

We each received fantastic lunch bags filled with water and bananas and we settled in for an interactive performance by environmental activist and Juno-award winning Canadian artist

One of our own was chosen to
participate as a Bull Trout!

Strathcona County put on another fabulous Arbor Day for us and we had so much fun learning about trees!

After lunch, we got busy on a top-secret project for Mother's Day. Shhhhhh..... here is a little sneak peek!

We are all going to sleep well tonight! What a fabulous day of learning!

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Making a Joyful Noise!

Today our room was filled with joyful noise!

We arrived to 9 sweet little babies who had hatched in our incubator!

Our kind-hearted parent helper, Mrs. Junck, who is guiding us on our hatching journey, popped in to share in our joy and excitement! We had a "chick party" and we played several games together!

Then Mrs. Junck helped us prepare a box of shavings, food, water, and a heat bulb for when the chicks are dry. Two fluffy little ones moved in this morning!

While some students spent time taking in the new life, others tackled the illustrations for a rhyming booklet called "5 Little Chicks". The chicks in our illustrations are made from torn construction paper. The creative juices were flowing and our budding readers are so engaged!

Tomorrow will certainly be filled with many soft fluffy cuddles!