Thursday, 27 June 2019

We are God's Masterpiece!

Our theme this year has centered on this beautiful scripture quote from Ephesians, and it has been a meaningful way for us to celebrate the gifts, passions and uniqueness of each and every person in our school!

To finish off the year, we created beautiful canvases, stamped with this scripture quote. 

These art pieces remind us that we are truly made with intention by God, who created us in His image and loves us infinitely!

Boys and girls, you truly are a masterpiece. May you always remember that you are created with love by our Father. Share this love with everyone you meet! Be Christ's hands wherever you go and share the masterpiece that you are with the world!

My warmest blessings and love, 

Mrs. Beliveau

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Book Tournament Champ 2019!

June has been SO MUCH FUN! It seemed like there was something extra special taking place almost every day! We have enjoyed our ABC Countdown, a trip to Nitza's Pizza, a day at the Zoo, Fun Day, and more!

After a month of fierce competition, we held the finals for our Tournament of Books. It has been an absolute BLAST reading each day, and it was no surprise that the kids were thrilled to read every day! I couldn't be happier about having so many kids SO EXCITED ABOUT BOOKS AND READING!

Our winner? Memoirs of a Hamster! 

This is a fantastic read aloud about the challenges of being a hamster. The illustrations are so detailed and realistic, and the writing is catchy and suspenseful. 

Happy reading!

Friday, 21 June 2019

Teach the Teacher Week!

This past week was such a joy! Mrs. Beliveau was happy to become a student as the children each had a turn being the teacher! They taught us about things that excite them and things that they are experts on! It was a blast seeing them light up and share their passions. Check it out!

We kicked off the week learning about safety on a school bus!

One student taught us some Ukrainian dancing steps, including the bow!

We learned how to design our own Pokemon card! This student was thrilled to use the document camera!

An expert athlete gave us tips on becoming a successful goalie. 

An animal enthusiast shared several interesting facts he knows about sharks! 

We were all excited to learn how to make our very own slime!

Rainbow looms had us all focused and enthralled!

We even were treated to a golf lesson from our very own golf pro!

Batman visited and shared many interesting facts!

Using Google slides and his imagination, a student taught us how we would take care of a dinosaur on Jurassic World Evolution!

This student shared her passion (as well as many interesting facts) about horses. 

Our dance lessons continued! This time, hip hop got us grooving!

A talented artist taught us all how to draw a 3D hand. 

One patient little lady introduced us to Cat's Cradle!

We got creative and had a soccer lesson in the library!

We rounded out the week with a lyrical hip hop lesson!

We are all God's Masterpiece, each with different gifts and passions. What a wonderful week seeing each student shine in a unique way!

Teach the Teacher lesson idea from More Than a Worksheet

Friday, 14 June 2019

Alphabet & Animal Reports!

Boy, has our ABC Countdown made our last few days even more exciting! This week we enjoyed M, N, O, P and Q!

M - Magazines

The students enjoyed relaxing with Chirp, Highlights, Chickadee and more!

N - Nature Walk

Did some deep breathing and strolling! The 3R class had measured out 1/2km, so we followed their path and walked there and back to make 1km! International playground laws state that when you pass a hill, you must roll down ... so we did!

O - One Hundred's Chart Tic-Tac-Toe
Students were partnered up and received a blank 100's chart. Using two different colours, students tried to fill in the numbers on the chart ... three in a row! 

P - Paper Airplanes and Puzzles

We watched a super YouTube on how to make a simple airplane! The we got busy folding and throwing! The planes were an absolute blast! A Pokemon puzzle also kept us challenged!

Q - Quiet Time in the Chapel
Today we plan to end off our busy week with quiet prayer and reflection as a little classroom community. We love our Chapel!

Amazing Animal Reports

As we prepare for our end of year field trip to the zoo, the children were challenged to learn more about an an animal of their choosing! They drew and labelled a detailed diagram of their animal and wrote three facts with accompanying illustrations. We used the San Diego Zoo Kids website to help us with our research.

This was not an easy project, but we rose to the challenge! Students navigated challenging text, gathered information, wrote complete sentences, and illustrated with detail. Wowzers!

Watch for your child's animal report to come home! Happy reading!

Friday, 7 June 2019

Books, Pizza, and Learning!


This week marks the beginning of our June Tournament of Books! 16 amazing read-alouds have been selected, and each day we read 2, voting on the one we prefer! Which book will win? We'll keep you posted!


We took a little road trip to visit a local landmark, Nitza's Pizza! We were welcomed in and learned how to make our own pizza! We listened, followed directions, used our manners, and left with full bellies!

The fee that we were charged for the morning was then donated (in it's entirety!) by Nitza's to the Stollery Children's Hospital. What a generous community landmark! Thank you to the phenomenal staff at Nitza's Pizza!

Our ABC Countdown carried on this week! 

H - Hula Hoops & Hats

Our hips were shimmying and hats were flying as we tackled our hula hoop games!

I - Ink Pen

We were excited to set our pencils aside and use real ink!

J - Jokes and Jump Rope

The kids told some side splitters!

Q: What do you call a pig doing karate?
A: A pork chop!

Q: What did the horse say when he was lying down?
A: I can't giddy up!

Q: Why was 6 afraid of 7?
A: Because 7 - 8 - 9!

K - Kindness with Pre-K

The boys and girls got busy spreading kindness! We read the stories we wrote last week to the kiddos in Pre-K. What an awesome opportunity to be leaders!

L - Library Learning
We are changing things up and taking our learning to the Library today! Should be a fun place to learn together!

Rest up this weekend, kids! Next week is even more exciting!

Friday, 31 May 2019

C, D, E, F, G & Stories!

It's the end of May, but we are still packing our days with both learning and fun!

All week long we have been continuing our story writing focus. After being inspired by the book Mita's Lost Ball, we wrote our own "lost" stories. What is something we wouldn't want to lose? 

After lots of brainstorming, we spent time completing our story organizer. We use an organizer to help us put our ideas in order. A little editing and illustrating, and we created our own books! This took us all week long, and we are so proud to share our work!
We can't wait to read our work to the Pre-K class next week!

Our ABC Countdown began last week and was in full swing this week!

C - Chalk and Cup Stacking

Coffee? Chaos? Crazy? No, we celebrated letter C with cup stacking challenges and chalk!

We enjoyed sharpening our hand-eye coordination as we stacked cups! Our patterning, sequencing, and perseverance were all strengthened!

Chalk in the sunshine with friends? Yes, please!

D - Dice Games

We tackled an adding game called Dice Wars, and were so excited to use dice IN dice! We each rolled a double die, added our total, and whoever had more took a counter. Gather all 10 counters to win!

Roll to 100, as always, was a hit! 12-sided dice made it even more challenging!

E - Exercise & Environmental Exploration

A Nature Scavenger Hunt  had us outside with our 3R buddy class, exploring God's beautiful Earth! Add "exhaustion" to our letter E day, too!

F - Freeze Dance 

We had a blast showing off our creative dance moves to tunes like Baby Shark and Everything is Awesome! Check out this FREEZE!

G - Green Snacks & Games

We munched some healthy green snacks!

Look at all of the amazing games we brought from home to enjoy! What a great opportunity to play fairly!

It was a wonderful week together! How is it almost June? 

Friday, 24 May 2019

A, B, Seeds!

How many letters in the alphabet? 26! Our ABC Countdown started yesterday, and we'll be adding a little sparkle and zip to each day with activities for each letter!

A - Awesome Authors and Animals

With a stuffed animal under one arm and a favourite book in the other, we relaxed with the letter A! It was a blast reading with our Grade 3 buddies!


We enjoyed playing our favourite BINGO game, Rhyming Word JINGO!

This week we had a visit from a strange, but highly intelligent individual. You see, Mrs. Beliveau didn't return to class after recess. Hmmm. Rather, Dr. Beliveau arrived in her place, challenging the students to join her in "seed surgery"!

The students have recently begun exploring plants, and today's "surgery" helped us understand that not all seeds look the same! We were surprised that different fruits and vegetables have different amounts of seeds, too! What fun we had performing "surgery" to locate the seeds inside!

We sure enjoyed assisting Dr. Beliveau in "seed surgery"!