Monday, 16 September 2019

The Dot: Making Our Mark

Guess what!?! We celebrated International Dot Day!

What is Dot Day, you ask?  It all starts with a book by Peter H. Reynolds, called The Dot! This book encourages children to embrace their own creativity and uniqueness and take a risk! It is celebrated on September 15th-ish and encourages kids to make a positive mark on the world!

Creative juices got flowing and we designed brightly coloured dots ... and then brought them to life! Using the augmented reality app QuiverVision we made our dots 3-D! (think Pokemon Go). Check the bottom of your child's art page for directions on how to download the app and make magic!

Feeling inspired, we kept our creativity flowing as the children set to work making their mark! Using dots and paper strips, plus heaps of creativity, we made spectacular 3D art!

Such colorful, joyful dots!

Keep making your mark on the world, kiddos!

Friday, 13 September 2019

Goin' to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

This year our Grade 1 class is going to the Edmonton Valley Zoo for Zoo School!

For one full week in March we will be attending the zoo! Five whole days! We will have demonstrations, hands-on animal encounters, behind the scenes tours, speakers, and so much more! It is a phenomenal way to learn!

To get ourselves excited and prepared for this adventure, we will be learning about the animals we will see at our zoo! Each week we will learn about an animal through fiction, non-fiction, math challenges, YouTube videos, and more. By the time we head to Zoo School, we will have created our own alphabet book of animals!

This week we began with the letter Tt! We read "A Tiger Tale" by Mike Boldt, about a little girl who wakes up for her first day of school and discovers she has grown a tiger tail! Yikes!

Using A Tiger Tale, we worked on a comprehension strategy, connecting the story to our own experiences. 

We tackled tiger-inspired patterning challenges in Math!

We also enjoyed some non-fiction, too, and visited the San Diego Zoo Kids website to learn more! We LOVED the live tiger cam! Did you know that no two tiger's stripes are alike? 

An important part of our week at the zoo is journaling. We practiced sketching in our journals, as we will be doing lots of this once we are on-site at the zoo. We were patient with ourselves and tried to add as many details as possible. 

It has been exciting to see the students so engaged in their learning! Our ABC Animal journey has only just begun, but it is sure to be a blast! What animal could we be learning about next week?

Friday, 6 September 2019

A "Purrr-fect" week with Pete!

Our first week together has been "purrr-fect"! We've been blessed with an energetic, warm-hearted group of students, and they've been an easy bunch of kids to fall in love with!
But we've had one extra "student" join us this week ... Pete the Cat! This feisty feline has a way of overcoming a challenge by always finding the positive! What an important message for the children to hear as they begin a new school year!

After reading Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, we couldn't resist making our own version! We brainstormed what Pete might step in, and students set to work completing their own page for our class book!

The children really enjoy flipping through our class-made book. They are so proud to see their work!

We also enjoyed reading Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus, because we found a way to sing the song using our names! We focused on using the first sound in our names to make our own silly verses. 

This student's name begins with the letter M, so his bus says "mumpity mump"!

Then we made our own buses, added the first letter of our name, and personalized our poems!

These projects gave Mrs. Beliveau an opportunity to get to know the boys and girls better. She got an extra peek at the children's abilities to follow directions, cut, print and glue, as well as several other work habits, such as perseverance, problem-solving and time management. 

Today was so exciting! As we were reading through Pete the Cat and his Magic Sunglasses, we discovered Pete's glasses were locked in the box! Yikes!

Using teamwork, patience, and our amazing enthusiasm, we collaborated by solving clues to open a letter lock, directional lock, and number lock! 

Ta da! We retrieved the sunglasses from inside the box ... and also earned delicious strawberries and blueberries! 

Ask your child why we got berries!

What a fabulous start to an amazing year!

Pete the Cat Breakout Box activities adapted from here. 

Pete the Cat Roll and Cover dice game from Little Miss Hypothesis.

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes book is inspired by A Classroom on Cloud Nine. 

The Wheels on the Bus names activity is inspired by Deanna Jump's Names Unit: Literacy and Math Fun With Names.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Welcome to Grade 1!

Hello, boys and girls!

My name is Mrs. Beliveau and I am THRILLED to be your Grade One teacher this year! It is going to be a fun year full of learning and adventures!

I want to find out all about you, but until we see each other on the first day of school, I'll tell you a few things about me. 

Did you learn a little about me? I can hardly wait to see you on the first day so I can find out what makes YOU so special!

On the first day of school, I'll help you find your own hallway hook for your backpack. The hook will have your name and your desk will have your name, too! Our first activity is top secret, but I'll give you a hint ... we get to use play-dough! Together, we'll learn a hilarious silly song and will read my absolute favourite book, which always makes me laugh! 

I am looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, September 3rd! 

Mrs. Beliveau

Thursday, 27 June 2019

We are God's Masterpiece!

Our theme this year has centered on this beautiful scripture quote from Ephesians, and it has been a meaningful way for us to celebrate the gifts, passions and uniqueness of each and every person in our school!

To finish off the year, we created beautiful canvases, stamped with this scripture quote. 

These art pieces remind us that we are truly made with intention by God, who created us in His image and loves us infinitely!

Boys and girls, you truly are a masterpiece. May you always remember that you are created with love by our Father. Share this love with everyone you meet! Be Christ's hands wherever you go and share the masterpiece that you are with the world!

My warmest blessings and love, 

Mrs. Beliveau

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Book Tournament Champ 2019!

June has been SO MUCH FUN! It seemed like there was something extra special taking place almost every day! We have enjoyed our ABC Countdown, a trip to Nitza's Pizza, a day at the Zoo, Fun Day, and more!

After a month of fierce competition, we held the finals for our Tournament of Books. It has been an absolute BLAST reading each day, and it was no surprise that the kids were thrilled to read every day! I couldn't be happier about having so many kids SO EXCITED ABOUT BOOKS AND READING!

Our winner? Memoirs of a Hamster! 

This is a fantastic read aloud about the challenges of being a hamster. The illustrations are so detailed and realistic, and the writing is catchy and suspenseful. 

Happy reading!

Friday, 21 June 2019

Teach the Teacher Week!

This past week was such a joy! Mrs. Beliveau was happy to become a student as the children each had a turn being the teacher! They taught us about things that excite them and things that they are experts on! It was a blast seeing them light up and share their passions. Check it out!

We kicked off the week learning about safety on a school bus!

One student taught us some Ukrainian dancing steps, including the bow!

We learned how to design our own Pokemon card! This student was thrilled to use the document camera!

An expert athlete gave us tips on becoming a successful goalie. 

An animal enthusiast shared several interesting facts he knows about sharks! 

We were all excited to learn how to make our very own slime!

Rainbow looms had us all focused and enthralled!

We even were treated to a golf lesson from our very own golf pro!

Batman visited and shared many interesting facts!

Using Google slides and his imagination, a student taught us how we would take care of a dinosaur on Jurassic World Evolution!

This student shared her passion (as well as many interesting facts) about horses. 

Our dance lessons continued! This time, hip hop got us grooving!

A talented artist taught us all how to draw a 3D hand. 

One patient little lady introduced us to Cat's Cradle!

We got creative and had a soccer lesson in the library!

We rounded out the week with a lyrical hip hop lesson!

We are all God's Masterpiece, each with different gifts and passions. What a wonderful week seeing each student shine in a unique way!

Teach the Teacher lesson idea from More Than a Worksheet