Thursday, 13 February 2020

Valentine's Day: Love and Laughter

Valentine's Day is a wonderful time to celebrate friendships! We had an action packed week! Check it out!

Earlier this week, we spent time with our Grade 3 buddies making Love Monster Mail Bags! Aren't they creative and unique?

We revisited a comprehension strategy where we connect the story to our own experiences, called "text to self connections". We read Will You Be My Valenswine?, where a piggy feels as though nobody loves him ... until he realizes his mama adores him! We recalled a time we felt loved and added a few piggy details!

Not only did Valentine's Day give us the chance to sneak in some writing, but it was also a chance to sharpen our math skills, too! We played a BINGO game that gave us practice identifying and naming numbers to 100!

We had a blast delivering our cards to each other!

We finished the day enjoying the friendships we've made by playing Valentine's Minute To Win It! 

The first challenge was Heart Stack! How many candy conversation hearts can you stack in a minute?

The next challenge? Lava Heart! Using only two hearts to stand on, can you make it across the room? Don't fall in the lava!

The final challenge was Broken Hearts. Students passed a tissue paper heart using clothespins! Careful, don't tear it!

Our Valentine's week was filled with learning, friendship and fun! 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love Monster Mailbags are from The Teacher Wife.
Our Valentine's Minute To Win It was inspired by Mrs. Schmelzer's First Grade
Will You Be My Valenswine? craftivity from Cara Carroll.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Make 10 Math Challenge!

We are having a blast working on addition and subtraction to 20, and our favourite game lately is Make 10!

Mrs. Beliveau modified the rules from the original game posted here

A game board will go home with each student, but more can be printed here. Have a deck of cards? Then you can play at home!

Take out the face cards. This game uses Ace through 10. We treat the Ace as a 1. Using the game board, put out four cards on the spaces 1, 2, 3, and 4. Turn the rest of the deck over on the space marked "deck". 

Here is the challenge! Can you make ten using up to 4 cards?

Look, he made 10! Set the group of 10 aside, and put out more cards from the deck. 

Replenish the empty spaces with cards from the deck. 

There are lots of ways they made 10!

Can't make 10?

Choose one card to put back on the bottom of the deck, and take the top card. 

The kids have played several times and should be able to explain the rules and play independently at home. Happy counting!

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Come Spend the Day with Us!

Ever wondered that a day in Grade 1 looks like? Come spend the day with us!

We begin each day in a similar way. After announcements and agendas, we head to the rug for Connection Time! We always begin with prayer. Then we greet each other in different ways each day ... today was the shoe greeting! We each toss a shoe in the centre, pick up a buddy's shoe, find the shoe's owner, and greet them!

Then we all share our news! Today we heard about Minecraft, a McDonald's hot lunch, a bracelet filled with chapstick, and a few even shared baptismal items connected to this week's Religion focus. 

We work with the same poem all week long. This allows the children to build their reading fluency. Then we count the days, review spelling words, and subitize. Whew! 

Then we close Connection Time with a story. Today's reinforces one of the Indigenous' 7 Sacred Teachings! 

Can you believe we have only been in class for 40 minutes?!? 

Off to buddy read! We re-read the home reading book we took home last night to a friend, then quietly exchange for a new book. 

We sharpen our language and math skills using our daily Building Skills activity!

We are starving! Snack time, and then out for recess! 

Today in Math we were laying the foundation for addition and subtraction. We used coloured blocks to make number trains with a friend. We are learning how numbers are composed and related.

Off to the gym for a rousing game of "Garbage Ball"! We can only take 3 steps before we have to pass the ball to a friend. Sink the ball in the "garbage bin" for a point! Wahoooo!

Back outside for recess, and then in for lunch. Yum!

Today we are tackling our Daily 5 Literacy Centers. Students choose their stations and move through Word Work, Work on Writing, and Listen to Reading tasks. These stations reinforce so many language skills and the students LOVE the choice they are given within each centre. 

At Word Work, we practice our 5 weekly spelling words using several interactive activity bins. 

At Work On Writing, students are challenged to complete the sentence! 

At Listen to Reading, students hop onto a laptop and hear stories on the websites Epic or RazKids! 

Another quick recess break! Look at that blue sky!

So excited to head to Library to see Mrs. Nixon! She is a very animated reader and we love the stories she chooses for us!

Today in Science we began a unit on colour! We made viewfinders using three transparent circles in red, yellow and blue, and are experimenting with these colours to see how the colour wheel is made up. 

We began our day in prayer and we close in prayer. Hugs, high fives and handshakes and we are out the door! What an amazing day!

Learning in Grade 1 is hands on, collaborative, messy, creative, and so engaging! Is it any wonder we all come home exhausted? Thanks for joining us today! 

Today's learning brought to you by
Mrs. Beliveau's coffee machine!

Friday, 17 January 2020

These Snowmen Will Melt Your Heart!

We had such fun this week creating our bird's eye view snowmen!

However, the project started in a boring manner. 




Mrs. Beliveau asked everyone to draw white snowflakes on white paper. Ummm ... not exactly exciting, now is it?

However, soon the boys and girls were "ooooohhhh-ing" and "aaaahhhhh-ing"! Using watercolours, we were able to make our snowflakes appear, as if by magic! 

As our watercolours dried, we set to work on our snowmen. Using pastels, we traced the three balls of the snowman's body and used our fingers to smudge the pastels inward. 

After Mrs. Beliveau hot-glued the three snowballs together, including a little stack of cardboard in between to make each ball "pop" out, we were ready for the next step ... details!

Noses, arms, buttons, scarves, eyes, eyelashes, and even a few pairs of mittens were added to give our snowmen personality!

Look how charming!

Well, our snowmen aren't exactly famous ... yet! But we're pretty certain they will be soon! For the month of February, our bird's eye view snowmen will be featured on a special bulletin board at the Strathcona County Library They'll be there all February! 

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Our Little Leaders

Today our students led our assembly! Our theme was the Feast of the Epiphany, and our focus centered around the Wise Men following the star to our King. The Wise Men brought Jesus the precious gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. What gifts can we give to Jesus?

The boys and girls in our class, many of whom are emerging readers, worked very hard to read their parts confidently. It's not easy being in front of the whole school, but we put on our brave faces and did our best!

Out toes were tapping as we sang together! Have a listen, it's catchy!

We gathered, we sang, we danced, we prayed. 

We were all so proud of the beautiful prayer assembly we led today. Leaders come in many sizes, and today our leaders were little!

Friday, 20 December 2019

The Week Before Christmas: JV Style!

Twas the week before Christmas,
And all through the halls,
The students (and their teacher),
Were bouncing off the walls!

To keep the kids focused,
To keep them engaged,
Loads of fun things were planned,
For the last 5 days!

As our week began, 
The third candle was lit,
The pink candle of JOY,
Oh, what a perfect fit!

We did an art project,
Built a stable of wood,
Added our Holy Family,
Beneath a star they stood.

We rehearsed for the concert,
Sang of the holy night,
We practiced and practiced,
No sign of stage fright!

As a treat for the audience
We coloured programs bright
Focusing on the true meaning
Of that wondrous night!

While the gym was very busy, 
We moved by stacking cups!
Dexterity and patterning
Made our cup stacks go up!

Each day we kept reading,
For math we had time,
These kids do love writing,
A favourite pastime!

We heard Axios mens choir
And a bandura was played
They sang Ukrainian carols
We wished they could stay!

Grandma Theresa shared games
She played as a child
Then we played our own games
And things got really wild!

We each had a friend's name
And wrapped socks for their feet
We unwrapped our surprise
To find our own cozy treat!

Cozy in jammies
We gathered to see
The movie The Star
Told by a special donkey!

The week reached it's end,
And the holiday drew near,
Merry Christmas to all!
See you in the New Year!

Love and Christmas blessings, 

Mrs. Beliveau