Saturday, 12 January 2013

Snowballs & Shovels & Skates, Oh My!

This week we embraced winter and made posters celebrating our favourite winter activities!

We began by taking a picture of each child dressed in his or her winter attire. The children posed as if they were doing their favourite winter activity. Can you guess what snowy activities these kids are acting out?

After developing these pictures, we cut out each child from their picture. Then the students chose a background for their poster. So many choices!

After adding a few details, such as a snow shovel, snowboard, skates, or snowballs, the posters were nearly complete! 

Finally, students wrote a sentence to accompany their poster.

Here are some of our finished products:

 (Top L to Bottom R): 
In winter I like to have snowball fights. In winter I like to snowboard.
In winter I like to build a snow fort. In winter I like to make a snow angel. 

This activity was so rich. We were able to focus on writing a complete sentence that made sense, paying careful attention to beginning with a capital letter and including a period at the end. We were also able to draw on our knowledge from our recent Science unit, Seasonal Changes in Winter, and describe activities people do in this chilly season.

Come enjoy our work!

Project idea adapted from a project featured by Christina Bainbridge. Visit her blog at Bunting, Books and Bainbridge.

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