Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sticky Labels and Egg-cellent Behaviour!

Welcome back from Spring Break! 

To get everyone moving our first morning back yesterday, we started our day with a silly language activity. Each student was given a name tag with a word on it. The students' task was to go around to all of their classmates and write down everyone's words. The words the children were given to wear were Word Wall Words (Spelling Words) many still struggle to spell or read. Some of those "w", "wh" and "th" words are really challenging!

Here is some of the fun we had:

If you can believe it, we are now in the home stretch of Grade One! Very rarely do prizes or incentives enter our day, however to keep the students motivated, a simple incentive system has been implemented to accompany our clothespin behaviour board. We have a basket of eggs filled with fantastic rewards inside. Throughout the day, at any time, a name is drawn. If that student is on task, they can open a prize egg! If they are not on task, their name is discreetly returned to the basket (and that name is not revealed to the class). So far, the students are working hard, making smart choices and are crossing their fingers that their name is drawn! Way to go, kids! 

Our basket of prize eggs and certificates!

While I do not rely on tangible prizes to motivate students, such as stickers, candies, or trinkets, I do believe in positive experiences that are free and fun. Here is a glimpse of some of our rewards offered in the basket:

If your child's name is drawn, watch for a special certificate in his or her Kanga! One lucky duck's super behaviour earned him the opportunity to be Class Photographer tomorrow!

The word wall word game we played is adapted from a math task featured on I {Heart} Teaching. Our Easter egg reward system and certificates are  from What the Teacher Wants and the prize eggs are filled with rewards adapted from Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations and were designed on rainbow frames by Ashley Hughes

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