Thursday, 20 June 2013

Lovin' the Library!

The boys and girls were so excited to jump on a bus and head to the Strathcona County Library for a very special tour, and we learned a lot! 

When we arrived we headed into a special program room in the Enchanted Forest children's section with our "tour guide" Jane. 

We learned that, with a library card, we can sign out AS MANY BOOKS AS WE CAN CARRY for 3 weeks! Wowzers!

Jane showed us many of the items that can be borrowed from the library (you can see many of them on the table behind her). We can borrow read-along kits (book/CD), CDs, DVDs, beginning readers, picture books, really fun PlayAway kits (an MP3 player with stories to listen to), and so much more

We took a tour to see what we can do in the library, and many were surprised to find out that we can come and play the wii! We played a game of Eye Spy that took us through the children's section, the Discovery section, the computer area, past the Information Desk, and back to the program room. Did you know there are even cozy areas called "living rooms" where you can relax on couches with a book, wii, magazine, or borrowed laptop? (yes, the library even has laptops to sign out!)
Did you know the leaves on the magnificent tree
in the children's section are changed with the seasons?

Back in our program room, we learned all about the Summer Reading Game called Believe it or Not that the library offers. Can your child tell you what the picture of the leafy tree is for? How about how to earn a free DQ ice cream or win free, brand new books? Have a peek in the Grade 1 reading kit your child received today. It is specifically tailored for our readers entering Grade 2 in the fall!

The summer reading game, "Believe it or Not". Come play once a day!
You may also play this game on the Bookmobile, too!

The morning finished off with a few silly songs, games, and even a book about underwear. No longer will we wonder what kind of underwear a turtle wears!

Be sure to check the Summer Program Guide for many FREE programs offered this summer for kids and families, like Beetles are Bugs, Beach Party, and Hot Wheels Show and Shine! 
The guide can be picked up in the library or accessed online,
and it is packed with fun and free things to do all summer!

The library makes reading and learning so much fun, and is an excellent way to spend your summer! Please encourage your child to continue reading daily throughout the summer, as this will make the transition to Grade 2 tremendously smoother. 

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