Friday, 5 September 2014

Old Ladies? In Grade 1?

Our first week was loads of fun! We've been blessed with a very joyful and keen group of students in our class, and they've been an easy bunch of kids to fall in love with. 

This morning we tackled a project that got us all giggling! 

We began with a book, which is how so many of our projects start. The children were dazzled and serenaded by Mrs. Beliveau's melodic and oh so sweet voice as she sang the book I Know an Old Lady

Then the boys and girls dusted the cobwebs off their fine-motor skills and the creativity started flowing! They got to work creating their own old ladies!

Several scissor snips and glue globs later, we had 15 old ladies who had suddenly joined our class. They're definitely eating some strange things though ...

If I were an old lady, I would swallow a ...
(1) birthday cake, (2) snake, and (3) Christmas tree.

This project gave Mrs. Beliveau an opportunity to get to know the boys and girls better. She got an extra peek at the children's abilities to follow directions, cut, print, and glue, as well as several other work habits, such as perseverance, problem-solving and time management. 

Pop by our hall bulletin board to see what these hungry ol' gals are eating! You won't be disappointed!

Great job, Grade One! You worked very hard today and were extra creative!

NOT the old lady in question ...

Enjoy your weekend! Can't wait to see your beautiful smiles on Monday!

Craftivity inspired by Cara Carroll at the First Grade Parade.

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