Saturday, 28 March 2015

Spring Fever!

March has been SO MUCH FUN!!!

It seemed like there was something extra special taking place almost every day! 

After a month of fierce competition, we held the finals for our March Madness book tournament. It has been an absolute BLAST reading with Mrs. Haston's Grade 2's each day, and it was no surprise that the kids were thrilled to read every day! I couldn't be happier about having so many kids SO EXCITED ABOUT BOOKS AND READING!

Our winner? Memoirs of a Hamster! Ta da! Fantastic read aloud about the challenges of being a hamster. The illustrations are so detailed and realistic, and the writing is catchy and suspenseful. THANK YOU to the super-mom who put us on to the "memoirs" series!

If you would like to borrow our class copy of this book, please write a note in your child's agenda.

A huge focus this past month has been our Lenten Initiative, which supported the Holy Childhood Association. This week was our final opportunity to donate to "break a rule". Students brought in their money so they could watch a movie in class! 

Boy, did they enjoy an oldie, but a "goodie", The Land Before Time! Produced in 1988, this movie was one of Mrs. Beliveau's favourites as a little girl! 

The students were so generous with their donations, and while we do not have an exact total at this minute, we know we blasted our goal of $1,500 out of the water!!! The most recent count has us at $1,600!

We worked really hard, and had loads of fun, raising money for children around the world who are less fortunate. Please enjoy photos from our Lenten Journey:

To finish up the month, we headed to the rink for our last opportunity to skate! CAN YOU BELIEVE WHO SHOWED UP TO SKATE WITH US?!?!

While the kids are ALWAYS excited to skate with Mrs. Haston,
the giant bunny was the biggest hit!

As the snow begins to melt and the birds begin to sing, may the blessings of Spring be a constant reminder of God's presence in our lives!

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