Thursday, 14 January 2016


Mrs. Beliveau: So, boys and girls, tomorrow we will have two new students joining our class! 

Students: Really? Awesome! Is it a boy and a girl?

Mrs. Beliveau: No, not a boy and a girl. 

Students: So ... two boys?

Mrs. Beliveau: No. 

Students: Girls, then?

Mrs. Beliveau: No, not boys or girls at all. 

Students: Animals? Are we getting a gerbil?

Mrs. Beliveau: No, no animals here. And these new students aren't human. 


Mrs. Beliveau: No aliens, but these new students are in fact blue. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see!

*  *  *  *  *

It is with great excitement that we welcome in our two newest classmates, Dot and Dash!

Image courtesy of Wonder Workshop

Dot and Dash are robots (phew, not aliens). These two are going to help us learn about coding and robotics! 

You can't bring in two robots and not let the kids "have at 'er", so we charged them up, downloaded the apps, and explored! 

The task was simple. In small groups, the kids practiced moving Dash, the larger robot on wheels, around a square. In each of the corners was a spelling word. The children challenged one another to move Dash to different words. There was excitement, cooperation, frustration, patience, persistence, and lots of squealing and smiling!

This little exploration activity was just the tippity tip of the iceberg! What will Dot and Dash be up to next?

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