Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Monday. Tuesday.



Hmmm. Sounds boring. Doesn't sound exciting like Valentine's Day or 100th Day. No special guests? Hmph. No crazy Science activities? Blech. Just two days in a row with NO SPECIAL EVENTS? Does that even happen in Grade 1?!?

(That said, tomorrow is Pink Shirt Day and Thursday is PJ Day!). 

But even our seemingly "average" days are always interesting!

In Math we are using what we have learned about skip counting by 10's to help us efficiently count large groups of items. 

Group items into tens. Then count the leftovers by 1's. 
Yikes! That's a big pile! But we can use skip counting to help us
"10, 20, 30, 40, ... 41, 42!"
Look how skip counting by 10's helps us count:
Can your child count these items in the pictures?
Next we will tackle counting large piles of items using skip counting by 5's, so practice, practice, practice!

We have been developing strong writing skills! What makes a piece of writing easy to read and what might make it hard? We examined our work, each finding one piece that was really hard to read. We teamed up to brainstorm WHY it was so hard to read. 

We also chose a piece of our writing that was easy to read. What was this writing so much easier to read?

Here is what we've learned, and we've been applying it already!
Go, writers!

He's baaaaaaack! Remember when we first welcomed Dash? He has become a full on member of Grade 1!

This week's challenge was to use a bulldozer attachment to gather up "snow" to a snow collection area. Snow Patrol! 

One problem...1 Dash, 19 students. We used what we've learned about making fair decisions in Social and had a really thoughtful discussion. How can we all have a turn? Who will go first? 

It has been a learning curve as we learn to listen to others' ideas and respond when we respectfully disagree. Success! We made a plan and are all taking turns! Look out snow, Dash and the students are after you!

See? Never a dull moment!

Dash's Snow Patrol challenge was inspired by The Digital Scoop. 

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