Tuesday, 15 March 2016

We are important! We can make a difference!

Need a hand carrying out the gym equipment? We will help! Oh no, did a classmate's pencil box fall and explode? We will help! The boys and girls in our class can always be counted on to pitch in and make someone's day easier. 

The students absolutely shone during our most recent Social Studies project!

Our Social Studies curriculum focuses on responsible citizenship and introduces the topic of community. How can we positively contribute to our school community?

Students tackled our project with loads of enthusiasm! They were challenged to brainstorm ways they could positively make a difference in our school, and there were no shortage of ideas! Little works groups quickly formed, and the boys and girls were off!

Some chose to help Mrs. Barnes, our warm-hearted custodian! They see how busy she is each day and absolutely love spending time with her. Our school was wiped clean!
Mrs. Barnes' "Cleaning Brigade"

Another team volunteered to help Mrs. Falconer-Arpin in the library. These keen kids learned to file books!

A group of students recognized how busy teachers are. These sweeties offered to help by doing odd jobs for various teachers. 

A few ladies gathered their favourite books and offered to read to the Kindergarten students. Best morning ever!
What excellent readers you have all become!

This project helped the boys and girls realized that even though they are little,  they are an important part of our school and they have a responsibility to take care of it. 

Continue to be kind and helpful citizens of Holy Redeemer! You made a difference!

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