Monday, 19 September 2016

Fantastic Fall Photo Hunt!

We are loving Fall! We've been hard at work discovering what animals are up to, how trees change, what plants are doing (think gardens!), and how we change our activities, clothing, and often what we eat in the Fall. 

Let's share some signs of Fall we've found!

Here is how the photo hunt works:

First, give your child a camera (a phone is perfect) and have him or her take some pictures showing signs of Fall!

Then, to share your photos and/or comments on the wall below:

(a) Click the pink circle with a + sign.

(b) A box will appear. Type in a comment. Upload a picture. Ta da!

(c) Be dazzled and amazed at the signs of Fall found by our hard-working students!

Thank you for not mentioning first or last names on our blog. If you run into any hiccups, feel free to email your photos and captions and I'll happily post them. 

What signs of Fall can we find?

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