Friday, 9 December 2016

Ball Python: Zoo Project Week 10

With all of our concert rehearsals this past week, we had to stretch our focus on the ball python over two weeks! But we sure learned a lot about this amazing reptile!

During our week at Zoo School, we will get to meet, and touch, Sid the ball python! We wondered what he might feel like. Bumpy? Smooth? Warm? Cool? Slippery?

Mrs. Beliveau met Sid last spring

We read The Greedy Python, a story about a snake who eats every animal he meets in the jungle. This python was so very greedy, that in the end he swallows his own tail! We worked hard sequencing the events using pictures. 

Snakes have such unique patterns, and we had a blast making our own patterned ball pythons with play dough and glitter! Then we described our patterns using letters or numbers (e.g. AAB or 1122) and compared the length of our snakes using words like longer and shorter. 

Our sketching continues to develop! We are adding more detail and are able to label the parts of our animals. 

Who is excited to meet Sid, the ball python? Can't wait!

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