Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Our Week is Zoo-Riffic!!!

Today was short, but oh, so sweet!

The second we arrived at the zoo, we headed to the commissary! This kitchen feeds over 400 animals! 

We learned about herbivores and carnivores, and also about piscivores (primarily eat fish), insectavores (primarily eat insects), and frugivores (primarily eat fruit)! So many neat animals to feed at the zoo!

Teacher Courtney showed us the meat cart for the carnivores. Theses animals get whole food which is already dead.

We entered the fridge, and peeked inside the freezer, too!

Courtney tiptoed us into the nocturnal area, which is currently closed to the public due to construction. We were super surprised to see the lights on! The enclosure was being cleaned and we were able to see the sloths, bats, porcupine, and kinkajou, in a rare moment of light!

Today, rather than sketch the animals we had chosen for the week, students had to decide fairly as a group which new animal they would observe today! This opportunity allowed us to compare and contrast the new animal with our previous one!

Observing the red fox 

Observing the seals

Observing the reindeer

Teacher Courtney noticed how curious we were and gave us a chance to meet one of our classroom bunnies up close! This is Summer, a Flemish Giant. Can you believe he is only 10 months old!?!

After a speedy lunch, we had a chance to meet Frodo, the Central Asian Tortoise. We compared and contrasted tortoises and turtles, observing a turtle artifact alongside little bossy Frodo!

Sadly we had to hop on the bus an hour early, but we certainly made the most of our shorter day! 

Guess who we meet tomorrow!?! Eeeeeek! This sweetie!

What a wonderful week of learning!!!

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