Sunday, 3 September 2017

Beep Beep! The Wheels on the Bus

Our first week together has wrapped up and it has been absolutely spectacular!

We all love a good book, but EVERYONE loves a book that you can sing along to! Well... maybe not everyone, but it is certainly true for 6 year olds (and their goof of a teacher). We enjoyed singing The Seals on the Bus together!

Then we practiced singing the song with our names! We focused on using the first letter in our names to make our own verses. 

This little lady's name begins with an L, so her bus says "lumpity lump"!

Participating in literacy-based centers!

Then we set to work making our own buses!

We added the first letter of our names and completed the Wheels on the Bus poem!

This project gave me an opportunity to get to know my students so much better! I was able to see how the children played with and manipulated sounds. I got a good peek at the children's ability to cut, print, colour, glue, and follow two-step directions, as well as several other work habits, including perseverance, time-management, sharing, and problem solving. Whew!

Pop by to enjoy our bulletin board! (Disclaimer: This tune can get stuck in your head!

Spectacular week, kids! You knocked my socks off with your hard work and kindness!

The Wheels on the Bus names activity is inspired by Deanna Jump's Names Unit: Literacy and Math Fun With Names.

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