Thursday, 5 October 2017

Gratitude Changes Everything

This week we spent a little extra time exploring how blessed we truly are. Our blessings so are abundant and we seized every opportunity we could to thank God! Gratitude breeds positivity!

One of our Read In Week guests was our very own EICS Catholic School Trustee, Michelle Szott! She shared two WONDERFUL books that got us thinking about gratitude and blessings! With just the mention of the word "thankful", the students' hands were shooting up and ideas were overflowing. They were bursting with thankfulness!

In the spirit of fostering a "growth mindset" and giving the students (and their teacher) the opportunity to practice perseverance and patience, we tackled a challenging Thanksgiving project, woven place mats!

We began by writing and colouring. 

Then the students helped each other weave paper strips over, under, over, and under. Fantastic teamwork! Many also showed off their patterning skills!

Amazing work! These will, without a doubt, be the center of the Thanksgiving tables this weekend!

What are YOU thankful for? Take a minute to leave your reply. Simply double-click on the "wall" below to leave a "sticky note". There is no log in. Just type your idea and click GO. The students and I have left a few responses already (signed, Student). When leaving your response, feel free to sign your name as Mr. or Mrs. and your last initial (e.g. Mrs. S, Mr. H), or something equally appropriate. Thank you for not mentioning first or last names on our blog. 

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We have been blessed beyond measure and it is so important to take time and give thanks. God is indeed SO GOOD! Happy Thanksgiving!

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