Friday, 4 May 2018

Tree Huggers!

Arbor Day was terrific! Our morning was bright and busy! 

We learned about the importance of fire safety. We were very, very strongly cautioned that fires are incredibly dangerous and are never, ever to be played with. We were, however, surprised to learn that forest fires are a natural part of the forest ecosystem and can play a role in maintaining a healthy forest. 

Trees have birthdays too! We learned to count the rings on a tree "cookie" and learned how drought and the seasons affect the rings. Trees need TLC! 

Today we met some very brave and bendy arborists who were caring for trees! As we nibbled a cookie, we watched in awe as they trimmed branches high in the tree. 

Our hearts were pumping at the "Nature-cise" obstacle course:

We planted our very own seedling in biodegradable cups, so that the cup can be planted along with the tree. Remember to give your seedling lots of sun, water, nutrients, and of course, LOVE! Trees will come home next week.

Our saplings are white spruce,
pictured fully grown top right.

We headed towards a treed area to hear a story and build "fairy houses" with dead material (e.g. sticks on the ground, fallen pine cones). The students loved this activity!

We each received fantastic lunch bags filled with water and bananas and we settled in for an interactive performance by environmental activist and Juno-award winning Canadian artist

One of our own was chosen to
participate as a Bull Trout!

Strathcona County put on another fabulous Arbor Day for us and we had so much fun learning about trees!

After lunch, we got busy on a top-secret project for Mother's Day. Shhhhhh..... here is a little sneak peek!

We are all going to sleep well tonight! What a fabulous day of learning!

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