Tuesday, 28 June 2022

We Did It!

Dear kiddos, 

Our year together was HEAPS of fun!

Always remember how special you are. God has made you unique and has blessed you with countless gifts. Use these gifts to make the lives of others brighter. I truly do believe in each and every one of you and I pray you make this world a kinder place. Thank you for blessing me each day this year. Please come back for unlimited hugs and high fives next year!

With my warmest love, 

Mrs. Beliveau

Friday, 24 June 2022

Teach the Teacher!

We are all blessed with unique talents, passions and gifts, and this week we shared our interests with our class! We began the week reading about the variety of gifts God has blessed us with:

Then Mrs. Beliveau become a student as the children each had a turn being the teacher! It was such a joy seeing each student light up and share their passion. Check it out!

We had several artists kick off the week! We learned about watercolours ....

were guided through a step by step drawing of a puppy, ...

 ... and cooled off with a drawing of a sweet popsicle treat!
We learned to follow a recipe to make edible marshmallow slime! Sticky and fun!

A classmate taught us about meat-eating and plant-eating dinosaurs!

Our class was introduced to the finer points of foam block castle building!

We learned many ways to be active, too! One student taught us how to hula hoop!
Another was proud to share her gymnastic skills!

We got sweaty in the gym and learned about baseball, hockey, goalie skills, and karate!

One student encouraged our creativity by guiding us through a turtle craft!

We sharpened our soccer and skipping skills, too!

We ended our Teach the Teacher extravaganza by learning Frolf, which is frisbee golf!

What an AMAZING week! It was a great opportunity for everyone to lead the learning and to share their gifts and talents. 

Friday, 17 June 2022

Word Work and O, P, Q, R, & S!

Learning is often disguised as play in our classroom. What better way to engage these kids? Look at the engaging ways we reviewed our words this week:

Head Hunters
Each student sticks a spelling word to their noggin'. Everyone receives a chart with all of the classmates' names. Then off they go, recording the spelling words stuck to their friends' heads in their chart!

Roll and Read
Find a buddy or play alone!  Roll the dice and read any word from the row you rolled!

Shaving Cream
Always a hit! Spread it on our desk and get spelling! Bonus? Our desks are fresh after!

Our ABC Countdown continues!

Oo - Oreo Races and One Hundred's Chart Tic Tac Toe
Kids opened up their Oreo cookie, licked it, and stuck it to their foreheads. Then, without using their hands, students wiggled, squinted, and smooshed their facial muscles around to try and get that cookie to move into their mouths. 

Students were partnered up and received a blank 100's chart. Using two different colours, students tried to fill in the numbers on the chart ... three in a row! 

P - Paper Airplanes and Puzzles
We watched a super YouTube on how to make a simple airplane! The we got busy folding and throwing! The planes were an absolute blast!

Puzzles were a welcome way to use up our remaining energy!

Q - Quiet Time in the Chapel
We ended a busy day with quiet prayer and reflection as a little classroom community. We love our Chapel!
R - Rock Paper Scissors
We enjoyed a fantastic book and tackled a rock paper scissors tag game!

S - Sunglasses and Sun Safety
We wore our sunnies while learning about keeping safe in the sun!

So ... T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z? That's it? Only 7 more days? Sniff. We are sure to be savoring the last few days together. 

Friday, 10 June 2022

Slow Down, June!

Slow down June, you're going too fast! Our ABC Countdown has certainly made our days together a little extra sparkly and fun! 

J - Jokes and Jump Rope

Our jump rope was rained out, but the kids told some side splitters!

Q: What do you call funny mountain?
A: HILLarious!

Q: What do you do with a sick boat?
A: Take it to the dock!

Q: What's smarter than a talking bird?
A: A spelling bee!

K - Kindness
The boys and girls got busy spreading kindness! They wrote uplifting, colourful notes and I put them on the windshields of the cars in our lot!

L - Lunch buddies
We moved ourselves around so we could munch lunch with our pals!
M - Magazines

The students enjoyed relaxing with Chirp, Highlights, Chickadee and more! 

N - Nature Walk

Did some exploring and strolling! International playground laws state that when you pass a hill, you must roll down ... so we did!

It was a spectacular week!

Friday, 3 June 2022

E, F, G, H, I and Stories!

It's the end of May, but we are still packing our days with both learning and fun!

All week long we have been continuing our story writing focus. After being inspired by the book Mita's Lost Ball, we wrote our own "lost" stories. What is something we wouldn't want to lose? 

After lots of brainstorming, we spent time completing our story organizer. We use an organizer to help us put our ideas in order. A little editing and illustrating, and we'll have
 created our own books! Watch for these stories coming home next week!

Our ABC Countdown began last week and was in full swing this week!

E - Exercise & Environmental Exploration

Nature Scavenger Hunt  had us outside exploring God's beautiful Earth! Add "exhaustion" to our letter E day, too!

F - Freeze Dance and Frisbees 

We had a blast showing off our creative dance moves to tunes like Super Mario Freeze and Encanto Freeze! Check out this FREEZE!

G - Green Snacks & Games

We munched some tasty green snacks!
Look at all of the amazing games we brought from home to enjoy! What a great opportunity to play fairly!

H - Hula Hoops & Hats

Our hips were shimmying and hats were flying as we tackled our hula hoop games!
I - Ink Pen

We were excited to set our pencils aside and use real ink!

We are squeezing every little bit of joy we can into our last month together!

Friday, 27 May 2022

ABC Countdown Kickoff!

How many letters in the alphabet? 26! Our ABC Countdown started this week, and we'll be adding a little sparkle and zip to each day with activities for each letter!

A - Awesome Authors and Animals
With a stuffed animal under one arm and a favourite book in the other, we relaxed with the letter A!
We enjoyed playing our favourite BINGO game, Rhyming Word JINGO!

We also squeezed in some summer bingo outside, too!

C - Chalk and Cup Stacking
Coffee? Chaos? Crazy? Yes, we had those three "c" words, too, but we celebrated letter C with cup stacking challenges and chalk!

We enjoyed sharpening our hand-eye coordination as we stacked cups! Our patterning, sequencing, and perseverance were all strengthened!

Chalk in the sunshine with friends? Yes, please!

D - Dice!
We tackled a partner adding game (linked hereand were so excited to use dice IN dice! We each rolled a double die, added our total, and whoever had more took a counter. Gather all 10 counters to win!

Roll to 100, as always, was a hit! 8-sided dice made it even more challenging!

It was a wonderful week together! How is it almost June?

Thursday, 26 May 2022

May: Praying with Mary

May is the month of Mary and we took the opportunity to learn to pray the rosary. To make this form of meditative prayer accessible for our little ones in Grade 1, we prayed one decade each day for five days.

To prepare for our Decade-a-Day prayer journey, we made single-decade rosaries. The decade of 10 beads can be moved around as each prayer is shared.

To connect our daily decade to the full rosary, we coloured in the 10 beads we prayed each day. 

Learning the Hail Mary prayer has been central to our exploration of the rosary. A "puzzle-piece" prayer came home. Consider praying this prayer as a family. 

Today we took part in a walking rosary. We were able to pray a full rosary ... outside! For each of the 5 decades, we walked to a new location! We prayed in the forest, near the playground, on the soccer field, and more! It was a beautiful, meaningful way to finish off the month of May. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to pray the rosary, this How to Pray the Rosary infographic is spectacular as well as the free app Laudate