Monday, 8 March 2021

Parr-fect Portraits

This week we were inspired by Todd Parr's creative illustrations and messages of acceptance and inclusivity! His books rock!

After a week of painting and creativity, our It's Ok To Be Different projects are complete!

For this painting project, we were asked to use one warm colour and one cool colour. We began by painting our background and an outline of our face. 

After some clean up and a little drying time, we assembled our work and carefully added black details!

Check out our creative, "Todd Parr-inspired" portraits! 

We also seized the opportunity to celebrate our uniqueness and made posters about our special differences! 

(1) I like minty foods. (2) I don't like pizza. 
(3) I have glasses. (4) I like worms. (5) I know how to fish. 

We are God's masterpieces! He made us unique and with intention, perfect in His eyes and truly amazing!

P.S. If you are looking for a new cardio program, consider painting with 6 year olds. 

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Monday. Tuesday.



Hmmm. Sounds a little boring. Doesn't sound exciting like Valentine's Day or 100th Day. Blech. Just two days in a row with NO SPECIAL EVENTS?!?! Does that even happen in Grade 1?

(That said, tomorrow is Rainbow Day!)

But, even our seemingly "average" days are always interesting!

In Math we are using what we have learned about skip counting to help us efficiently count large groups of items. 

Yikes! That's a big pile!

We began by grouping items into tens. Then we counted the leftovers by 1's. 

We can use skip counting to help us!
10, 20, 30, 40, 50, ... 51, 52, 53

Students got into pairs to count their own piles of manipulatives. Look how skip counting by 10's helps us count:

We also tried counting the same pile of items using skip counting by 5's:

5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 ... 51, 52, 53!

We grouped the same heap of items into piles of 5 and counted the leftovers:

Why did we have the same count both times? Because, as one little one pointed out, "we didn't change the pile, we just changed how we counted them"!

The students are on their way to becoming skip counting experts, but please continue practice at home. These skills need to be automatic before being successfully applied in counting situations such as these. 

Please find time to practice skip counting:
  • by 2's to 20
  • by 5's to 100
  • by 10's to 100

Learning to skip count helps us count large groups of items accurately and efficiently, and is a life skill. 

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

100 Days of Joy!

It's time to party! We're 100 day smarties!

The 100th Day of school is a HUGE deal in Grade One! It is a key part of our Math curriculum, so celebrating 100 is a perfect opportunity to tie in several Math activities, as well as a few Language Arts tasks and even the perfect Religion lesson. 

We began preparing for the 100th day on . . . day 93!?!?! We certainly got a jump on celebrating a few days early! Come see our learning and fun!

We worked over several days to write a list of 100 words we know! Be proud of your long list, kiddos!

We made fabulous, runway-worthy party hats! Each hat had 10 strips of paper, and we counted out 10 polka dots on each strip. Boom, 100 dots!

HUGE thank you to the special parent who prepared our hats!

The children practiced and read a 100 word poem around the school:

We brought in collections of 100 items. Isn't it interesting how different 100 items can look?

Hidden around the room were many numbers. The students were challenged to find them and colour them in on a 100s chart to reveal a secret picture:

We rocked a BINGO game! SO much excitement and joy as we crossed off our numbers!

We looked into the future and imagined ourselves at age 100! Aren't these wrinkly, grey haired geezers adorable?

To bring our special day to a close, we settled in and heard a special parable from the bible about lost sheep. We looked at 100 cotton balls and pretended they were 100 sheep. We wondered, would God worry if one little sheep went missing? Wouldn't having 99 sheep be enough for God? No. If we stray from God, He worries. He searches for us. He always welcomes His lost sheep home. 

Happy 100 Days, kiddos! I'm so proud of you and your hard work!

Party hat labels from Cara Carroll at First Grade Parade. Door decor inspired by Sara Ann Culberson

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Lent: A Change of Mind & Heart

In our classroom stands a special table. It is our prayer table. As the liturgical year changes, the table changes. 

This was our prayer table earlier this week:

This is our prayer table now:

Why the change? Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season. Lent is a time when we look at ourselves and try and see what can change and improve so that we can be more like Jesus. We take more time to pray, to ask forgiveness of our sins, and to share with others. For forty days we prepare for the new life of Easter. 

Our Lenten wreath is brown and bare, symbolizing the desert where Jesus prayed for 40 days and also the crown of thorns. Can your child explain the symbols pictured on our wreath (purple ribbon, burlap cloth with a cross)? As we journey through Lent, we will add more symbols to help us better understand this liturgical season. 

Today we reflected on Ash Wednesday as a class and are coming home with these posters:

We participated virtually in Ash Wednesday mass with the support of OLPH Church and Father Mario. We all received ashes on our foreheads to remind us that we are sinners.

This week we were introduced to our school-wide Lenten initiative, food for those in need in our community. Our children can understand the discomfort that comes with being hungry and hopefully are able to connect to this simple way of sharing with others. Please be generous. 

Lent is a time of change; a change of mind and heart. May the 40 days of Lent help us prepare for the joy of Easter. 

Thursday, 11 February 2021

God Loved Us First

As we stepped into a new week of learning, the focus of our week was "love". We had several meaningful conversations, and our big take aways were:

All love comes from God. 
He loved us first. 
God always loves us. 
God always forgives us. 

We had lots of conversations about love. How do we show it? How do we feel it? How do we experience it? How can we tell it's there? Our new Science unit, Senses, dovetailed perfectly with our exploration of love!

After a little sponge painting...

... we wrote how we experience love, using our 5 senses!

Look at our beautiful work!

Project inspired by Mrs. Mac's Kinders!

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

100's Chart Tic Tac Toe!

We're working hard exploring the number patterns in our 100's chart! The numbers to 100 are laid out sequentially and we are becoming confident counting to 100. 

The numbers horizontally all start with the same numeral (excluding the tens number at the end of each row):

The numbers vertically all end with the same number:

This week we played a partner game called 100s Chart Tic Tac Toe that sharpened our skills while we had fun! Each player chooses a different colour pen to play the game. 

Take turns writing in a number on the blank 100s chart. Say the number aloud that you've just printed (this is an opportunity to practice naming numbers). Try and get 3 numbers of your colour in a row! Keep track of how many "three in a rows" each player gets! We had a completed 100s chart handy to refer to throughout the game if needed. 

Any opportunity to collaborate is always welcomed by these kiddos! They had a blast, worked very hard, and helped one another! Some even played a little offence and blocked their opponent!

This is a FANTASTIC way to challenge and test your child's knowledge of the 100s chart! A blank game sheet is coming home this week ... are you and your kiddo ready? 

This is an excellent way to see how well your child understands the 100's chart and a great opportunity to practice naming numbers! Happy counting!

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Wacky Winter Fun!

Our Winter focus in Science continues to be lots of fun!

Recently we began exploring what people do in Winter. 

We got our creative juices flowing when Mrs. Beliveau read Snow Day. In the book, a "snow day" is declared and kids must stay home from school! The children in the book do loads of fun seasonal activities, which became an excellent conversation starter for our class!

Then, Mrs. Beliveau promised we could do those Winter activities we just read about! Ski, sled, build a snowman, skate ... but how?

First, we brainstormed winter activities we enjoy doing. 

Then the boys and girls dressed in their warm woollies and posed as if they were doing a snowy activity! Can you guess what winter activity these kids are acting out?

Next, students focused their efforts on writing a complete sentence about their activity, 

they each chose a whimsical Winter background, 

and glued their cutout with a few construction paper details to complete the picture!

Look at what we made! 

We sure do know what people do in Winter!

Project idea adapted from a project featured by Christina Bainbridge. Visit her blog here!