Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I read, YOU read, WE ALL read!

Making reading exciting is so important in developing engaged, lifelong readers. Our excitement was through the roof today as we welcomed in our first Mystery Reader!

Together, we examined a few clues about the Mystery Reader. Right away, the children discovered that not only one guest was coming, but two!

We were absolutely thrilled to welcome in the mother of one of our students, as well as the family dog, Thomas! The only thing the children were wondering was ... who would do the reading?

We enjoyed two doggie-themed rhyming books. The first was about Thomas' cousin, a weiner-dog named Schnitzel von Krumm, who was on the hunt for a new comfy bed to cozy up in. Can you guess where he finally decided to sleep?

The second book was by the same author, and was a fantastic rhyming book about several dogs who head out for a walk. What might have scared them all away?

Our Mystery Reader and Thomas were easily the highlight of our morning. We look forward to welcoming in more Mystery Readers soon!

We didn't limit the reading to our Mystery Reader, though. The students read, too! Each day, the children are partnered up to re-read their Home Reading book, as well as listen to a classmate read. The children read "EEKK". Does your child remember what EEKK means?

After reading EEKK with a partner, children choose a new book at their level. Choice plays a tremendous role in reading motivation. Then children record their new book in their log.

As they wait for their classmates to complete their logs, children read their new books quietly to themselves.

Thank you for reading the Home Reading book alongside your child each evening. Daily practice at a level that your child can manage independently is crucial in developing a strong foundation in reading.

Celebrate the successes! They are many!

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