Saturday, 13 October 2012

Seeing Circles

It appears we have a class full of budding little artists!

Yesterday we were introduced to the work of an artist named Kandinsky. Kandinsky was born in Russia in the mid-1800's. He didn't start painting until he was 30 years old.

One day, Kandinsky saw a painting that had fallen over. He didn't recognize the picture. Instead, he saw bright colours and many shapes. Kandinsky began painting abstract art. We learned that abstract art does not show people, places, or objects, and enjoyed several of Kandinsky's art pieces on the SMARTboard.

Colour was important to Kandinsky and he liked to use bright colours in his abstract paintings. We made colourful abstract art projects inspired by one of Kandinsky's paintings, Squares with Concentric Circles. 
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We began our projects by choosing brightly coloured paper. Students shared a variety of round tracers to create their concentric circles. We then worked very hard on tracing, cutting and gluing.

For a while, our floor looked like one giant Kandinsky art project . . . colourful and abstract!

Patience was a big part of this project. Students were encouraged to trace carefully and cut smoothy. They had to wait their turn for tracers, as there were only so many available in each size. Because students were working with such care, most projects are on their way to becoming masterpieces and are not yet complete. Great art takes time!

We will be completing this project next week. Be sure to check the hall near the library to see our colourful and abstract Kandinsky-inspired art!

We also have some wonderful news on our classroom! Yesterday we met our new student teacher! She is in her second year of her Education degree at the University of Alberta.  She spent the day observing and lending a hand and will be back the next two Fridays in October. She will begin her full-time placement in our classroom after the November break and will be working with us until Christmas. We are thrilled to welcome her into our class and wish her the very best as she learns alongside us.

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