Friday, 10 October 2014

God is SO Good!

What a fantastic week! We have been crazy busy having crazy fun with Thanksgiving activities! Here's the highlight reel from the week . . . 

We began by gathering for a few stories. Both books shared a similar message: say thank you to the important people in your life! We all thought about people in our lives we could thank. 

We explored what it means to be thankful and spent time sharing what we are thankful for. Mrs. Beliveau had planned for a short discussion, but this one carried on and on! The boys and girls wanted to share ALL of the things they are thankful for, and they had loads of ideas. However, one mention of a phys ed. period quickly wrapped up our discussion! Turns out we are thankful for daily phys ed, too!

Throughout the week we have been practicing for our upcoming assembly on Tuesday. We will be leading a Thanksgiving Celebration with the other primary classes. We've prepared two special songs, God is So Good and Give Thanks. If you are able to join us on Tuesday around 2:15, all are welcome and we would appreciate your presence. 

On Wednesday afternoon, we learned the meaning of the words patience and perseverance as we tackled our Thanksgiving art project, woven place mats! 

The students printed, colored, and cut. 

They helped each other weave paper strips over, under, over, and under. Fantastic teamwork! Many also showed off their patterning skills!

Amazing work! These will, without a doubt, be the center of the Thanksgiving tables this weekend!

The highlight of our week was, without a doubt, "Make a Difference, Break a Rule" Day! Our school community, yet again, proved to be generous as the food donations piled up! 

We have been blessed beyond measure and it is so important to take time and give thanks. God is indeed SO GOOD! 
Happy Thanksgiving!

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