Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Honoring Mary: Praying the Living Rosary

Throughout May, we not only honour our mothers, but take some extra special time to honor our Holy Mother, Mary. She said YES to God when she was faced with a challenging situation, and because of her willingness to trust in God's plan, she became the most Blessed Mother of Jesus Christ. 

Today we gathered as a school community to pray the rosary together. Our school is so blessed to have a beautifully painted giant rosary that we call our "living rosary". It stretches around the gym! 

Here is the gym set up prior to the celebration

This special rosary allows us to physically pick up the beads as we pray each prayer. Our class was responsible for the first decade. We led the school in the Hail Mary prayer 10 times. 

Because I was leading this celebration, along with Mrs. Haston and Mrs. Lemire, I was unable to take photos of our class. Sorry!

We have learned that prayer can happen anywhere, even on the bus or while we ride our bikes! Songs can also be a form of prayer, as well as the quiet time that we share with God. Turns out there are very few rules about praying and how we talk to God!

Please consider praying the Hail Mary with your family throughout the month of May. 

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