Wednesday, 27 May 2015

What's "growing" on in grade 1?

After we said goodbye to our chicks, our Science Unit on Needs of Living Things shifted... to plants!

Our room has looked a little like a green house lately. We've had things growing all around the room!

Did you know we eat seeds all the time? We did a little "seed surgery" and examined seeds in several fruits and veggies:

We had lots of fun observing our very own bean seeds as they sprouted roots, a stalk, and leaves!

We wanted to determine what a plant needs to grow, so we carried out several experiments. When conducting an experiment, we learned to keep everything the same, and just change ONE thing. Here are our results:

One plant lived on our sunny little windowsill, and one stayed in a dark cupboard. Plants sure need sunshine!

We watered one plant, and didn't water the other. As many predicted, plants do need water.

We observed how water moves throughout the whole plant when we put celery into coloured water. So cool! And holy moly, does it happen fast!

Grass seeds were planted into four homes; sand, dirt, rice, and cotton. Look! It did really well in dirt and sand ... and cotton? We were surprised!

Armed with their knowledge about the needs of plants, the students set to work on their culminating project today, fairy gardens! Using soil mixed with grass seed, the boys and girls had so much fun creating their little gardens! We can't wait to see how they will look when the grass grows!

Turns out plants also make lovely jewelry! 
Thanks, kids!

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