Monday, 1 June 2015

Amazing Animal Reports!

Now that we have wrapped up our Needs of Living Things Unit in Science, we have spent the last week researching an animal of our own choosing!

Students were tasked with drawing a detailed, labeled drawing of their animal and writing three facts, complete with accompanying illustrations! We used the San Diego Zoo Kids site to gather information, as well as a really neat function through Google, called Read and Write for Google, that actually READ the text to us! Cool, huh?

Although students researched their own individual animal, they worked in teams on the Chromebooks. This partnership allowed them to troubleshoot issues on the computers, gather information from challenging text, and collaborate to write strong sentences. 

This was a challenging project, but we rose to the challenge! Students shared a computer with a peer. They gathered information and put it into their own words, wrote complete sentences, and illustrated with detail. 

Please watch for your child's report in his or her Kanga this week, along with a little reflection for you to complete and return. 

Awesome job, kids!

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