Thursday, 25 June 2015

Lovin' School in June!

Question: How do you get 6 and 7 year-olds running into class each morning ... in June? 

Answer: Have a book tournament and a balloon pop countdown!

We have been enjoying another book tournament throughout June and today was the final face off ...

Mr. Marshall was kind enough to read one of the final two books to the Grade 1's and 2's today. 

The students voted and the winner was...THE BOOK WITH NO PICTURES! Each time we read it throughout the competition the children howled with laughter! The first time it was read they literally begged to hear it again. They begged! For a book!

B.J. Novak is the author, and he was also
a writer for the TV show The Office
(don't worry, the book is definitely kid-appropriate!)

We have had a hoot counting down the last 15 days of school! Each day we popped a balloon to reveal a fun activity. We have one more balloon to pop tomorrow. Check out all of the fun we have had together on days 15 through to today, our second last day!

Wonder what's in that last balloon?

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