Tuesday, 15 September 2015

goodbye summer, hello fall

Mornings are crisper. Evenings are darker. We're wearing sweaters, mittens, and socks. Hello, Fall!

In Science, the boys and girls are exploring seasonal changes, and this bulletin board is guiding our learning:

As we examine changes in Fall, these "I can" statements focus us:

We've read books, watched a few YouTube clips, and have headed outdoors to examine the seasonal changes in Fall! The children have learned so much already! Today we grabbed sticky notes and jotted down a picture and/or word describing what we have learned about Fall:
Combines, pumpkins, and falling leaves!

As a class, we put key words into Tagxedo, a fun and fancy word cloud generator! We worked together to choose appropriate font colors and a fitting shape:

There are so many signs of Fall all around us! Let's share them together! Here is how our photo hunt challenge works:

We have a "virtual wall" where we can all contribute our signs of Fall. First, give your child a camera (it's as easy as handing over your phone). Take a picture
showing a sign of Fall!

Then, to share your photo / comment on our wall:

(a) Double-click on our Signs of Fall wall below. 

(b) A box will appear with a place for a written comment, picture, or audio clip! Type in a comment. Record an audio description. Upload a picture. Ta da!

(c) Be dazzled with all the signs of Fall we have learned about! 

Thank you for not mentioning first or last names on the blog, as well as any other sensitive / identifying information. 

Signs of Fall are all around! What can you and your child find?

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