Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Rhyming & Writing

Look what this little sweetheart shared with us today ... the items she put in our Rhyme Bag! 

Only things that rhyme may go inside. Ball, doll, and a picture of her sister ... because she is small! To the disappointment of Mrs. Beliveau, there was no "mall". 

Way to go, rhymers!

Each day we have been working on our writing skills. Writers share ideas, and our first few days of writing was focused on drawing detailed pictures to share our ideas. We are gaining confidence and the students are now encouraged to add labels to their drawings.

No, we don't know how to spell all of the words we need. 

No, Mrs. Beliveau isn't going to tell us how to spell every word we need. 

No, we aren't expected to spell each and every word correctly, we're only 6 years old!

However, using our knowledge of sounds, the boys and girls can "stretch out" the sounds in the words they want to write. This means they say the sounds in the word slowly. Students are encouraged to write as many sounds as they hear. 

We've had lots of success! Here are some recent pieces of writing:

"Dirt bike, shed, me"

"beach and lake"

This is a picture of one student's garden.
"blackberries, sunflower, carrot, tomato, onion, raspberries, Lamb's ears"

"The Pokemon Battle"

Writing is about sharing our message clearly and we have taken the first few steps towards becoming strong writers! Encouraging the students to carefully record as many sounds as possible is our focus, not printing every word perfectly. As we learn more spelling words, those will make their way into our writing, too, which will help us progress towards building sentences. 

We rhyme, we write, we're awesome!

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