Thursday, 1 October 2015

Kids That Wiggle!

We wiggle. We shimmy. We squirm, we twist, we bounce! It is highly possible there are ants. In. Our. Pants. Lots of 'em! 6 year-olds just aren't built to sit still, so we change activities about every 5 to 15 minutes. The boys and girls are certainly not expected to sit still all day!

When we are in need of a wiggle break, and there is no Phys Ed or recess on the horizon, we visit GoNoodle! It is an online hub for goofy, sing along movement breaks! We stretch, we dance, we practice our coordination, we shake it during Zumba, and we always laugh! Each time our class does a movement break, our "champ" grows!

Here are the boys and girls in action:

Stomping and roaring with Dino Stomp!
A calmer stretching activity

Here are two of our absolute favourite movement breaks from GoNoodle:

Our champ, Squeaky Laroo, grew so much from all of our little movement breaks, that we needed to choose a new champ!

Given that we are the wiggle experts of Holy Redeemer, it only made sense that we read Lines that Wiggle!

Silly monsters showed us so many different types of lines.  Throughout this colourful book is a raised sparkly blue line that we all loved to touch! 

So we got to work practicing our lines ...

 ... and drew 5 or 6 across a white page. 

Then we added a small black frame and got to work colouring each "piece" inside the frame.

Look at this careful, creative work! 

Here are our fantastic, colourful, wiggly, squiggly masterpieces!

What's our superpower? Wiggling!

Lines inspired from This Old Art Room
Lines That Wiggle art project inspired from Mrs. T's First Grade Class

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