Friday, 20 November 2015

The Evidence is Clear!

Our classroom is filled with evidence! No need for the police to examine our findings for fingerprints, though. After careful review, the evidence suggests the boys and girls in grade one are learning an absolute tonne! 
Showing off our Evidence of Learning binders!

We've been together in Grade One for nearly three months now, and wowzers, has it gone quickly! We're reading, writing, counting, and altogether learning up a storm! The children have come so far since our first day in August!

Today you will receive your child's Evidence of Learning portfolio. With each work sample, there is a corresponding "I can" sentence. This simple sentence describes the knowledge, skills, or attitudes we are focusing on. Research has shown that using "I can" statements in the classroom helps children become more aware of, and therefore more accountable for, their learning. In our class, we use "I can" statements when introducing a unit, setting goals, completing tasks, and assessing work. 

Accompanying many pieces of work in this binder is a simple assessment. Most often, this is a self-assessment completed by your child. We frequently self-assess using coloured stoplights, which were previously described using our Monkey Bulletin BoardGreen means I'm an expertYellow means I need a little helpRed means I'm still learning and do my best with help

After looking through your child's work samples, please complete the yellow Two Stars and a Wish page. When you come for your conference next week, please return the binder with this completed form. We will use both to guide our discussion. 

We have learned so much and have lots to be proud of!

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