Wednesday, 25 November 2015

We're Writing Sentences!

When we started Grade 1 together, we knew the sounds the letters make (thank you, Mrs. Lemire!) and a few words. You'll never believe it, but we are now working on writing FULL SENTENCES! 

We really began examining what a sentence was this past Monday. 

We learned three things every sentence has:

Mrs. Beliveau revealed her hidden talent ... rapping!
Ask your child to rap for you!

We sorted letters, words and sentences as a class ...

... and then continued our sorting independently as we hunted around the room!

As a class, we worked together to correct sentences, adding capitals and end punctuation. 

Then during our Daily 5 language time (more on this soon!), we practised writing our own complete sentences!

"I am playing Barbies."

"When I was at Goofy's Cafe I saw a peanut
butter and jelly pizza it was a blast."

"This is me in the crowds cheering."

Writing strong sentences is a skill we will work on throughout the year! Support your child by finding sentences in the books you read, by identifying components of a sentence in our daily agenda message, and by writing sentences together ... the sillier the better!

"Is It a Sentence" poster was from here
Pete the Cat Letter, Word and Sentence sort was from here

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