Monday, 11 April 2016

New Books, New Life, and a New Challenge!

We had such an exciting day!

New Books
We love to read and we will read anywhere! Today, we read on a BUS! The Bookmobile came from the Strathcona County Library! We heard a few silly stories on the bus, and then had an opportunity to each choose 5 books to borrow. We even got flashy book bags! 

We couldn't wait to get reading!

The Bookmobile will be back for the next three Mondays. We can't wait!

New Life
Today we welcomed in a generous and very knowledgeable mom who is helping us hatch chicks. We have an incubator full of eggs, and in 21 days, we hope it is full of wee little chicks! Each day we will carefully monitor the incubator's temperature and humidity. This is sure to be an exciting journey as we experience new life first hand!

New Challenge
Our energetic student teacher began a Coding Club today! The students were challenged to create a song with Dash, and boy have they been rising to the challenge! 

What a marvelous Monday!

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