Friday, 17 June 2016

Another Awesome, Wacky Week!

This has been another wacky, awesome week in Grade 1!

O - Origami, Orange and Outside

While wearing Orange, we folded Origami and headed Outside for some word work activities! It was an OUTSTANDING day!

P - Paper Air planes, Purple, and Peter Pan Play

We had a hilarious time making amazing paper air planes and absolutely LOVED seeing our Drama class perform a magical Peter Pan Play!

Q - Mrs. Quenneville and Quiet Games

Mrs. Quenneville, our awesome secretary, read our book tournament books to us. Then we enjoyed a few quiet games in the library!

R - Rainbow Fish and Red

We enjoyed the story of The Rainbow Fish, a lovely little story about sharing. Then we made beautiful sparkly fish! To read the book online, click here!

S - Stuffies and Sun Safety

Today we cuddled our stuffies while learning all about sun safety!

 Then the Minions taught us about slip, slap and slop!

T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z! The last few days are going to be a blast!

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