Saturday, 4 June 2016

Jumpin' June!

This week had really been a blast, and each day has had us jumpin'!

Our book tournament has begun! Each day we gather with Grade 2 and read two books, voting on a winner to advance in the tournament! Here is our draw:

Ever tried explaining a tournament draw to a 6 year old? 

We have been exploring the needs of plants, and it has been pretty obvious to us that plants need soil and water to live ... but can plants grow in other mediums or drink other liquids?

We are looking into these questions, and have started some grass seeds in soil, sand, cotton, and rice.

Day 1 - no signs of grass yet!

We have also decided to forgo watering plants with plain old water, and are instead experimenting with other liquids; apple juice, pop, and Mrs. Beliveau's favourite, coffee! We will keep you posted!

Day 1 ... lookin' good!

Our ABC Countdown has been a blast, and this week is no exception!

E - Eric Carle books and exercise

F - Frisbee, flip flops, and favourites

G - Green snacks and games

H - Healthy hearts and hats (Happy "Fun in the Sun" Track Day!)

I - Inside out and ink pen

Rest up, kiddos, we have J, K, L, M and N to look forward to! Have a spectacular weekend!

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