Thursday, 16 February 2017

Heaps of Hundreds Fun!

Ta da! We are officially 100 days smarter

The 100th Day of school is a big accomplishment for any class! But for us in Grade One, it is an important day because a large part of our math curriculum is developing our number sense to 100. It is also is another really fun way to sneak in language arts, religion, and more!

The kids raced into class today!

Apparently they are picking up tips from their fashion-forward teacher, because they made these cutting edge hats! They were careful to dab 10 dots on each of the 10 coloured strips.

Wearing their hats, they shared a goofy poem with several classes called 100 is a Lot! They read the 100 word poem confidently and smoothly. Way to go, smarties!

We worked over several days to write 100 words! Be proud of that amazing long list, kiddos!

We each made tasty bags of 100th Day Trail Mix. Using a place mat, we counted out 10 of each treat, creating a snack with 100 treats! Yum!

Posted in the hall are our 100 item collections. Isn't it amazing that the bags all look different, but there are 100 items in every bag?

Then the boys and girls hunted high and low for hidden numbers. When they found a number, they coloured it in on their 100's chart to reveal the secret!

One set of numbers revealed a boat and
the other set of numbers made the word HI!

Counting by 5's to 100 is tricky, so we traced our hands and made a helpful bulletin board so we can practice.

The boys and girls tackled a monumental project. Working in two teams, they created paper chains that we will use to help us skip count by 5's and 10's. Some worked on the 5's chain, linking together five loops of red, and then five loops of blue:

Others worked on a 10's chain, linking together 10 yellow and then 10 green, until they reached 100:

These chains are hanging in our classroom and will be very helpful as we practice skip counting!

Together with the Grade 2 class, we were able to gather 100 food bank donations! We are making a difference!

We settled ourselves and heard the story from the bible about the lost sheep. We looked at 100 cotton balls, thinking of them as 100 little sheep, and wondered Would God worry if one little sheep went missing? Wouldn't having 99 sheep be enough? No! If we stray from God, He worries and looks for us. He always welcomes the lost little sheep back. 

Boys and girls, you are such hard workers and have learned so much. Mrs. Beliveau is very proud of you! What will the 101st day hold?

Party hat labels from Cara Carroll at First Grade Parade. Door decor inspired by Sara Ann Culberson. 100's snack place mat from Kristen Smith100 year portraits inspired by Deanna Jump. 5's handprint quilt from Mrs. Byrd's Learning Tree. Hundred word list from Kinder Craze Blog. Number chart search adapted from Just Add Clipart. What fun ideas! 

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