Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Joyful Noise!

Today our room was filled with joyful noise!

We arrived this morning to 5 little chicks, and somehow, during announcements, 2 more hatched! 

While some students spent time taking in the new life inside our incubator, others tackled the illustrations for a rhyming booklet called "5 Little Chicks". The chicks in our illustrations are made from torn construction paper. The creative juices were flowing!

To celebrate our new chicks, we shook our tail feathers and did the Bird Dance in Phys Ed! We even squeezed in a heart-pumping game of Rollerball!

While carefully
watching our unhatched eggs, we enjoyed reading Pig's Egg! We teamed up to identify the beginning, middle and end of a story. 

Our kind-hearted parent, who is guiding us on our hatching journey, popped in to share in our joy and excitement! She helped us prepare a box of shavings, food, water, and a heat bulb for when the chicks were dry. 

The incubator went on a little fieldtrip to the office when the power went out unexpectedly! We're pretty sure the chicks helped Mrs. Quenneville with some of her office work, though. 
Thank goodness for the generator!

Mrs. Beliveau and her brood returned after supper, once power was restored, and moved 9 fluffy, dry chicks to a cozy new home. 

3 damp chicks remain in the incubator, with more eggs looking promising. So far 12 little babies have joined our class! 

Tomorrow will certainly be filled with many soft fluffy cuddles!

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