Monday, 16 May 2016

Landmark Magazine!

Today, the students were tasked with helping our Premier!

After learning about and presenting landmarks in our province, a very serious (albeit completely fictitious) task was handed to the boys and girls. 

Ms. Rachel Notley is planning to publish a magazine featuring incredible places to visit in Alberta. Hearing that we have recently become experts on landmarks in our province, she tasked us each with creating a page for her magazine!

Students were to choose and draw an Alberta landmark, then write a caption explaining why the landmark is important. 

These submissions will look great in Ms. Notley's "make believe" magazine!

The students' landmark projects will be coming home later this week in their Evidence of Learning envelopes, accompanied by a little rubric. 


Rubric and task modified from the Alberta Assessment Consortium's "Welcome to Our Community" performance assessment

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