Monday, 8 January 2018

Break into 2018!

Grade 1 students are typically pretty enthusiastic, but today they were so excited they nearly had to be peeled off the ceiling!

Today Mr. Dumont showed up in our room with a delivery! He had a box. A very, very LOCKED box. And a few clues...

Our Grade 1 Breakout Box challenge was about to begin! The goal? Break into the box!

A Breakout Box is similar to a breakout room, but students use curricular skills to break into a box instead of breaking out of a room!

The theme for our box was from Dr. Seuss' book Oh the Places You'll Go!

Clue 1 asked us to examine boarding passes to figure out a 3-digit combination that would open our first lock! We found 3 seat numbers that we put together to make our combination!

Clue 2 was tricky. Using UV lights, we scanned Dr. Seuss' rhyming posters to discover a secret 4-letter word! This was the combination for the letter lock!

To open the directional lock, Clue 3 provided a goofy Dr. Seuss poem with directional words hidden inside!

Hooray! We opened the box!

What!?! Inside the box was a locked pouch, along with with a nonsensical message! 

Using a top-secret letter code, we deciphered the message and were able to make sense of it!
"Oh a place that you should look is near a book!"

We hunted for the key, and opened the inner box!

We did it!  We were rewarded with brand new "clicky" mechanical pencils! 

What better way to start our learning journey in 2018 than to work as a team and have a blast!

This breakout box activity was adapted from BreakoutEdu's Oh the Places You'll Go. 

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