Monday, 22 January 2018

Zoo School is a Real Snooze!

What went on at the zoo today that had everyone snoozin' on the ride home?

Today was our first day attending the Edmonton Valley Zoo's week-long ZOO SCHOOL adventure, and it was an absolute blast!

We were met by Teacher Courtney and got busy right away! We were about to meet a non-venomous children's python, but first we recorded what we already knew and what we were wondering! 

Then out came 23 year old Rover! He lives in the caves of Australia and is a constrictor. We learned Rover continues to grow his whole life, which is why he sheds his skin. Ask your child about how taking off our sock is like Rover shedding!

Bursting with energy, we were let loose in small groups to do a little exploring and get acquainted with our amazing new "classroom" for the week!

After a speedy lunch, Teacher Courtney sent us out in our small groups again to tackle some animal observations. Each group will observe their chosen animal for a few minutes each day throughout the week! Today we were challenged to write 3 "ing" words, describing what our animal was doing. We also drew and labelled the animals' enclosures. 

Observing the Arctic wolves

Observing the seals

Goofing with the meerkats

We headed back indoors and Teacher Courtney noticed how curious we were to meet our classroom bunnies! This is Summer, a Flemish Giant. Can you believe he is only 1 year old?!? Everyone loved feeling his soft fur!

Our day ended with a visit to see Zena the Canadian Lynx! She was taking part in a training session. The zoo trains animals to help them learn to do behaviours that help the keepers and vets look after them. 

No wonder half the class fell asleep on the ride home! Can't wait to head back tomorrow! What a spectacular day of learning!

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