Tuesday, 23 January 2018

We Just Can't Stop Smiling!

As we bounced back onto our bus for day 2 of Zoo School, one little girl exclaimed "Mrs. Beliveau, I just can't stop smiling!"

We also couldn't stop being silly

And so began day 2!

We knew the rules and routines, so the second we arrived we headed out to observe our animal ... and we had the zoo all to ourselves, as it hadn't even opened yet!! We observed 3 things about our animal and drew a labelled diagram. 





Then we discovered how the zoo trains animals! We learned about target training, how to reward an animal for a desired behaviour, and how to select an appropriate reward for a given animal! We had a hoot using pom poms on sticks and clickers to "train" one another!

Then off to Arctic Shores to see a harbor seal training session! 

After lunch, we tackled a rousing game of Mystery Artifact by working together to use our senses to identify several unknown animal items. We were presented with a red fox fur, a tortoise skin shoe, an owl wing, and a river otter fur. 

Mystery Artifacts

Then a bonus artifact was brought in ... a beautiful tiger fur! AMAZING!

Some cute little rats live in an enclosure in our classroom, and Teacher Courtney gave us an opportunity to meet one cutie, Zazu, close up!

We wrapped up by journaling our top 2 moments of the day. 

Back we go tomorrow for more learning, more challenges, more adventures, and more laughter! 

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