Wednesday, 22 April 2015

"Egg-citement" abounds!

When the doors to our boot room opened this morning, and the students rushed in, the energy was blasting through the roof! 

Was it Earth Day that had the kids oozing with excitement? Nope! Today was "Egg Day", and our eggs were due to arrive!

We had lots to do to prepare, as the eggs were scheduled to arrive at lunchtime!

First, we thought about what we already knew about chicks:

Then, we wondered together about what we wanted to find out:

We took a minute to record our ideas!

We jumped right into learning about the life cycle of a chicken! We read several non-fiction books and enjoyed watching a chick hatch:

We also made a visual of the life cycle of a chicken: 
Do chicks really have eyelashes? 

Then, before we knew it, our "egg angel" arrived! We have a wonderful neighbor who has a farm with free range chickens, and she has generously offered her latest batch of eggs for us to hatch! She arrived with an incubator full of eggs. They are due to hatch over the next few days and early into next week. 

We had prepared our classroom incubator, monitoring the temperature and humidity, so we gently moved a few eggs into our own incubator. The two eggs we moved already had little peck holes in them. And we were thrilled to hear cheeping ... from a chick inside its egg! 

We spent lots of time observing the incubators:

And, as real scientists do, we recorded our observations for Day 1:

Today was certainly a four exclamation
mark kind of day!!!!

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to experience the miracle of new life!

The Lifecycle of a Chicken craftivity was inspired by I Heart Crafty Things.

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