Wednesday, 29 April 2015

It's hard to say goodbye ...

Today was our last day with our sweet fluffy babies. Our egg angel came to gather the chicks today, and the incubator tomorrow. Sniff ... sniff, sniff. We snuck in every opportunity we could today to love them up, cuddling and holding during every spare minute!

We have learned so much in a week! Before the chicks arrived, we made a list of things we wanted to learn. Look, our chart is filled with so many answers!

As the children discovered answers to our questions,
they added their answer on a post it

We spent time recording our learning on little posters! We included a labeled diagram and three facts. We are working so hard at writing complete sentences with a capital letter, period, and all word wall words spelled correctly. 

We will use this same template when we research animals of our own choosing!

Brother Joe dropped in today, and we always love his visits! His humor and wisdom brightened our morning, and he always finds a way to challenge our thinking. Brother Joe spent time with us reflecting on the meaning of Easter. He asked us, "Why do we get chocolate eggs at Easter?"

Brother Joe reminded us what just hatched from our eggs ... new life! The chocolate eggs we get in our baskets represent new life, which reminds us of Jesus' resurrection and how we are reborn each Easter!

Not only have we learned scientific facts about chicks, but we have learned greater life lessons; respecting all things living, treasuring the precious gift of the resurrection, and finding joy in God's creations. 

The chicks are gone ... but as Mrs. Beliveau shut down her computer and headed out of the classroom for the day, from the incubator she heard "cheep, cheep, cheep!". Seriously!

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