Saturday, 25 April 2015

They're so fluffy!


And so Friday began, with a classroom full of little Agneses, thrilled to see our fluffy little chicks! (thankfully minus the extra tight "Agnes squeeze")

We wasted zero time and decided these little fluff balls needed some gentle cuddles! The boys and girls learned they needed to sit while holding a chick, and to keep a hand under their feet as well as lightly on their back. 

It was such a lovely day to snuggle with our new little miracles. Here are some warm memories we shared:

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In between cuddles, we welcomed in countless visitors!

Mr. Marshall came to read us one of his favourite stories, Too Many Chickens! It's about a class who is hatching chicks, but the farmer forgets to come pick up the chicks once they have arrived! We had lots of good laughs as he read! Thank you, Mr. Marshall! 

We also welcomed in our "egg angel" herself, who is the wonderful lady providing us with eggs from her free-range farm. She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate, and we loved picking her brain with our crazy questions. 

We learned about the variety of breeds our "egg angel" has, some that are quite rare and even endangered. One fact that was of particular interest was that we had a very special little chick in our incubator. There is a special breed called the Partridge Chantecler, which is on the endangered list. By God's grace, her PC rooster and PC hen mated, and we were lucky enough to have a purebred Partridge Chantecler chick!

Keeping the endangered breed alive!

It has been an AMAZING week filled with loads of valuable science and language arts lessons. More importantly, however, are the lessons we have learned about new life, respect, patience, and compassion. God's work is truly amazing!

While the five fluffy chicks went home to their new free-range farm, the incubator remains busy! Mrs. Beliveau and her brood are keeping careful watch over the new little chicks who are hatching over the weekend! 

Please keep praying for us as we welcome more beautiful chicks into the world! Monday is sure to be exciting!

Thank you, God, for blessing us with this experience! We are in truly in awe of your amazing work and beautiful creations!

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