Thursday, 16 April 2015

Worms, Word Clouds, and ... Cookie Monster?

We've wrapped up our Seasonal Changes in Spring mini-unit! Check out our word clouds! We included words that describe Spring, including what people do, how plants and trees change, what animals do, and the weather in Spring!

Here is a close up of a few of our fantastic Spring word clouds:

Thanks a million to Miss Smith and our patient, amazing Grade 5 buddies for helping us out! You rock!

This week we dug into our Needs of Living Things unit, and began by comparing living and non-living. We listed our ideas of what makes something living. Then, thinking about things we knew to be living (like a puppy and a plant), we crossed off ideas that didn't fit. 

Just to make sure we didn't miss any ideas on our list, we looked at a few more examples of living things from Kathryn Warner. We discovered we needed to add "It reproduces" and "It needs food and water". 

While we ALL agree Mrs. Beliveau is the bee's knees when it comes to effective teachers, there are some lessons best left for Cookie Monster to teach:

Then we double-checked our list to ensure what makes things living was accurate:

Today, to really compare living and non-living, we examined an earthworm and a gummy worm! The boys and girls were ecstatic

Comparing a gummy worm with an earthworm gave us a hands-on, real-life example of what makes something living!

We are ready to hatch chicks next week! The students are thrilled to prepare for the arrival of eggs on Wednesday! Please keep us in your prayers as we explore the miracle of God's creation. Watch the blog for daily updates, and please feel free to drop in to learn alongside us!

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