Saturday, 1 October 2016

Geckos! Zoo Project Week 3

Geckos are fascinating! Most don't have eyelids, they smell with their tongue, and in an emergency, they can shed their tail as a distraction! We LOVED sharing lots of non-fiction books and websites!

We read a fiction story called Give Up, Gecko! When the animals find themselves thirsty and without water they decide to dig. The large animals try, but give up. The medium animals try, and give up too. Even small animals try, but quit. Then an itty bitty little gecko tries and tries, and eventually finds water! He sure didn't give up!

This story promotes a "growth mindset", which is what we celebrate and encourage in our school. We value hard work, persistence, and grit! Have a look!

After reading Give Up Gecko, we focused on something tricky we wanted to learn that we promised not to give up on! 

Writing prompt courtesy of Deanna Jump

We also translated gecko patterns in math. Translating means we show the same pattern in a different way!

We rounded out our gecko adventure this week with some sketching in our journals. 

Boy, will we be prepared for Zoo School come April! The Edmonton Valley Zoo has a Leachie Gecko we will meet in a few months! Who's excited?

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