Friday, 28 October 2016

Snowy Owls: Zoo Project Week 7

Snowy Owls. So. So. So. Beautiful. 

This week we embraced the snowy owl, and for a funny reason, also spent time learning more about the great horned owl, too!

The book The Little White Owl was a beautiful tale about an owl who shares his gift of storytelling. The children reflected and shared a gift that God has given them, too. 

I am good at ...
tying my shoe

Subitizing is a numeracy skill we have begun focusing on in math. Essentially, when you look at a set of items, you know know how many are there ... without having to count! We subitize when we roll a dice. This week we made reading buddies each day with owl themed subitizing cards!

And then ... POOF ... smoke ... 

Our SMARTboard bulb went kaput. 

Suddenly our amazing "google" format of researching animals went out the window. 

Never fear! When it came time to our weekly sketching and labeling time, we borrowed a beautiful Great Horned Owl from the science lab and got to work! This opportunity to sketch an ACTUAL animal was unique. Up until now, we have been sketching from pictures on the SMARTboard. How cool was it to have a REAL animal?

Oh zoo school, why are you so far away?

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