Thursday, 20 October 2016

Meerkats! Zoo Project Week 6!

Can you guess our zoo school animal focus this week?

How about now?!?

The meerkats at the Edmonton Valley Zoo are AMAZING! Playful? Check. Curious? Check. Super cute? Check!!!

We had a ball this week!

We enjoyed the fiction book Millicent and Meer, a story about a girl who has a package arrive ... and she thinks the animal inside the box is a cat named Meer! Super silly! We had lots of fun writing "at" words, which rhyme with both "cat" and "meerkat"!

We read the most perfect math/meerkat book. So. Gosh. Darn. Stinkin'. Perfect. Books like this make a grade 1 teacher smile!

We skip count when we have a large number to count! Today, we practiced skip counting a "mob" of meerkats by 2's! By the end of Grade 1, we will skip count by 2's to 20. 

We continue to build confidence sketching ...

 ... look at their claws, whiskers, darkened eyes and ears!

Our Zoo School teacher, Miss Courtney, sent some amazing meerkat info our way. She sent an x-ray of their mama meerkat, pregnant with 4 babies ... 

And sent a picture of the babies the day after they were born ... 

We loved this picture of the meerkats just chillin' ...

How can we possibly wait for Zoo School until April?!?! Families, if you wish to join us at the zoo, please contact me with the day you are able to volunteer and we will make plans. We attend the first week of April. 

How can school be so engaging, informative, and fun?!?

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