Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Little Leaders

Today the students in our 1/2 class led our school prayer assembly! Our theme was love, and our prayer assembly centered around a well-known reading from first Corinthians:

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The boys and girls in our class, many of whom are emerging readers, worked very hard to read their parts confidently. 

Those who did not get a speaking role this time led the actions to our song. Have a listen, it's catchy!

In class, the children reflected on what love looks like and how we can be loving every day. They were excited to share their work at assembly!

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We gathered, we sang, we danced, we prayed. 

We were all so proud of the beautiful prayer assembly we led today. Leaders come in many sizes, and today our leaders were little!

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  1. ❤Thank you Mrs. Beliveau, for all the hard work you put into helping our children learn, laugh, and love!❤Awesome job grade 1/2.