Friday, 4 November 2016

Bats: Zoo Project Week 8

It was a batty week!

Inspired by Halloween, our zoo school focus this week was bats! 

We spent the week learning about the Jamaican Fruit Bat, which we are excited to see in the nocturnal wing at the zoo. 

Photo courtesy of Edmonton Valley Zoo

The story Stellaluna was a wonderful introduction into the world of fruit bats! In this lovely story, a little fruit bat loses her mama and ends up living with some birds, learning a lot about herself along the way! 

We practiced retelling the story using our own little Stellaluna puppet sticks! Retelling a story is a skill we will revisit many times throughout the year. 

We did a measurement activity in Math, but not with a ruler! In Grade 1 we use "non-standard" units of measure, such as measuring with blocks or hand lengths. We enjoyed measuring a bat's wingspan using paperclips, cubes and pennies!

In Science we've begun learning about how our 5 senses help us to experience the world around us, and our popcorn activity was a great introduction!

Zoo School animals will be the perfect way for us to learn more about senses! Bats use their senses in unique ways!

We learned about "echolocation" and how a bat's sense of hearing can help it find food. 

Then we tried it for ourselves, at our very own "Echolocation Station"! One student whispers and another listens!

We also learned that a mama bat uses its keen sense of smell to find her babies! Students were given a mama bat. The mama bats smelled like vanilla, lemon, or mint. Then the challenge was on! The students were sent to find their baby bats that matched their mama bat's smell!  It was SO much fun using our sense of smell to find our babies. 

Our week closed with some calm sketching and labeling. 

We're batty for bats! 

Puppet Sticks from Linda Kamp.
Bat Measurement adapted from Kindergarten Connections. 
Sense of Smell activity inspired by Mrs. Ehle's Kindergarten.
Echolocation demonstration from Innovate. Motivate. Educate. 

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