Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Rockin' at the Rink!

Today we tied up our skates, snapped up our helmets, and pulled on our mittens! We joined the Grade Two and Three classes for a recreational skate at the Ardrossan Rec Complex. What a fantastic afternoon!

Part of our physical education curriculum calls for students to demonstrate basic skills in a variety of environments. Today we skated (a basic skill) at the arena (an alternative environment). The curriculum also states that children require opportunities to demonstrate effort while participating in various activities. Boy, did we see effort from everyone! We had several sweaty little skaters!

After dividing up the ice into areas for skating fast and skating slow, students were encouraged to participate at a level they were comfortable with. This was a wonderful opportunity for the children to show GRIT and PERSEVERANCE, fitting perfectly with our focus on having a "growth mindset". Remember, having a growth mindset is when we believe that with hard work, practice, and mistakes along the way, we can all learn and improve!

Mrs. Beliveau became the learner and several Grade 1 students became the teachers, sharing their expertise on how to skate backwards. Mrs. Beliveau almost fell a few times, but got better with practice!

Some of the students in our class are hockey and ringette players, and they were wonderful at encouraging the new skaters in our class. The new skaters were very determined and positive, and all made a marked improvement by the end of our ice time! The afternoon was a tremendous success and an absolute blast

We'll be skating again in December, January and March! Thank you to the parents who tied skates, joined us on the ice, and encouraged our skaters! Lots of great memories!

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