Thursday, 10 November 2016

We are Peace Makers

Remembrance Day can be a challenging concept for our littlest, so this week we took it down to their level; kindness, peacefulness, and gentleness became our focus. 

Together we read the book I Call My Hand Gentle.

Then we traced and decorated our hands, reflecting on when our hands are gentle. 

Would you like to see how gentle we are with our hands?

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We also took time to read The Peace Book by Todd Parr.  Enjoy!

As a class, we made a book together about when we feel peace.

Peace is swimming.
Peace is counting the stars. 

Peace is a family supper. 

Peace is doing my nails. 

We were so excited we tweeted a few of our ideas to author Todd Parr himself ... 

... and he responded to us! So cool!

We spent some quiet time today creating some beautiful "stained glass windows" that can be hung at home during the fall break as a reminder to pray for all peacemakers. 

Today, we gathered as a school community to pray, remember, and express gratitude for all those who have worked and are currently working for peace.

What a meaningful week. Hopefully the boys and girls are able to look at the poppies on their collars with a little more understanding and a lot more gratitude. 

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