Friday, 25 November 2016

Hedgehogs: Zoo Project Week 9

Soft. Cuddly. Fluffy. 

NOT words you'd use to describe hedgehogs, right? That's why we all had a laugh when we learned the names of the resident hedgehogs at our upcoming Zoo School ... Cotton and Cashmere!

Edmonton Valley Zoo's hedgehog named Cotton

Our math problem about hedgehogs had us counting carefully! We've been working hard to understand numbers to 20, and the boys and girls used manipulatives or pictures to solve this problem. 

We also enjoyed hearing Hedgie's Surprise! Hedgie the hedgehog helps his chicken friend when her eggs keep getting stolen from her nest. The students were challenged to solve the problem in a different way than Hedgie did, suggesting a new item to hide in the chicken's nest!

The students really enjoyed the non-fiction books this week, flipping through and placing post-its on pages they were curious about that we could further explore as a class. 

We learned that hedgehogs weigh about a pound and were eager to hold that much weight in our hands!

This week we put word lists in our zoo school journals. These lists are helping us label our sketches!

We also practiced sketching a moving hedgehog, much like we might see in the zoo, by observing this clip:

We can't wait to meet Cashmere and Cotton in April!

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